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What would be your ideal mmorpg?

Content of the article: "What would be your ideal mmorpg?"

Finding myself abandoning all hope for mmorpgs and getting into single player rpgs, even more after Zelda: botw, I was wondering how nice it would be an mmorpg that had X or Y.

We are all looking for mmorpgs that suits our needs, but what would be your ideal mmorpg? What is a perfect set of features that you would say it's the best or at least, it fits you the best? Considering the world, graphics, story, combat style and so on.

An example of what I mean – and also I get to share it – for myself it would be:

– A really open and gigantic world where you could find monsters and bandits according to your level, hidden places, unlockable paths, treasures, etc. One that encourages you to explore based on a palid brown map instead of one full of icons telling you where to go.

– FPS combat, a la Tera, but of course improved with greater mobility over your character and a really nice physics engine that lets you – and encourages you – to take advantage of the terrain to defeat intelligent AI monsters, focusing on weak points and enforcing great teamwork instead of the usual tank – dps – healer approach.

– Global, regional and local focused quests, independent of each other. Let the player explore the world on its own even if he gets lost at first.

– Graphics: I don't mind them much as long as they dont look out of place. I like cartoonish style more than realism tho, I think it's more pleasant and ages better.

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– Infinite growth, yet logarithmic progression. The higher level you are, the less improvement you got, e.g. level 1 -> 100%, level 2 -> 150%, level 3 -> 180% and so on. Applies on all: character levels, skills, equipment and so on. I think it's the best balance between casual and hardcore player.

– Quest driven, not grind driven: you want a nice weapon? Go get one piece of this difficult red iron you need to take on X mountain full of traps and trials and this nice NPC will forge it to you, instead of grinding 1000 monsters for that 0.1% chance of getting that rare weapon.

– Of course, free to play without p2w. But being realistic: free base game, paid expansions that you can actually sell in game -> You, with less time, get a little in game money without grinding. That kid with no money but more time, gets the expansion in return.

– And the one I'd like to see the most: conquerable territories by players(guilds). Start by conquering counts, you get 5? It's now a duchy. 5 duchies? It's now a kingdom, and so on.

Damn, I think it's too obvious I don't like grinding games.


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