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What’s an obscure gaming moment that really stuck with you?

Content of the article: "What’s an obscure gaming moment that really stuck with you?"

I'm curious about obscure stories that people have had over the years that just really stuck in your memory for some reason. It doesn't have to be funny or awe inspiring or emotional, just anything that you think of from time to time.

For me it was a while ago fairly soon after GTA 4 came out. I couldn't have been more than 13 or so, and I was just messing around in the open map like you do in multiplayer. I was running around with some other random people, some around my age, with the subject of my quick story in particular sounding like an 18 or 19 year old black dude who joined our shenanigans for some reason.

Anyways we were just driving around, and he's in his own car driving down the freeway, when for whatever reason, he loses control and barrels over the edge onto the ground below. Everyone screamed and yelled, and his car exploded as it impacted at what could only be described as terminal velocity. We went around and down to check on the wreckage, and as we neared we heard it, the song I would never forget to this day.

"I'm stuck in this broken car, and I don't know why – I'm jacking off in this broken car, and I don't know why" to the tune of Because I Got High by Afroman

He had survived the initial crash and explosion, and was now stuck in the smouldering wreckage of his vehicle – unable to get out, singing a cover of a song to curb his woes. I started laughing my ass off where I got teary eyed at the site of this poor random dude singing stuck in his demolished vehicle. I don't remember exactly what happened, I think we had to put him down. I don't remember anything else about what happened that day or that dude who had resorted to song to deal with the purgatory like state he had become entrapped in.

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I don't think of this often, maybe once a month or so, but the level of detail has remained the same in my memory over all these years and I thought it a short story worth sharing.


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