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Where was the Final Fantasy series all my life?

So, I'm 22. I had a PS1 ever since I can remember and then once PS2 came out we also got one. Back then, I used to play a bunch if games but one of them I was completely taken by. This game was Lord of the Rings The Third Age. The way I'd describe it would be a turn based RPG where your party loosely follows the fellowship of the ring during the events of the trilogy. Now what makes me bring this game up? I fucking LOVED it. I played it so much that my disc stopped working… so I begged my parents to get me a second copy.

What does all of this have to do with Final Fantasy? Well, this LOTR game is literally a carbon copy of Final Fantasy X. Turn based? Check. Long as hell? Check. 6 people party? Check. Fixed "jobs" but possibility to have different setups? Check. Limited exploration on mostly linear progression? Check. Tons of well made (for the time) cutscenes? Check.

So now that I explained that, if I loved LOTR I would end up loving FFX right? Well fast forward to 2019, the year where I decided you know what I'm going to try FF games. The reason I finally gave them a chance was because of their absolutely beautiful music. I've tried games solely for soundtracks alone (Shadow of the Colossus and Nier come to mind) because to me music and combat are the most important things in a game. So, I tried FFVI and X at the same time. One on PC and the other on my phone. I enjoyed them both but got stuck in VI so I focused solely on X.

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I loved X as expected. It was a very beautiful game, one of few that actually gave off the "adventure" feeling that I don't usually get when playing videogames. So, I decided to try more of these games. Coronavirus hit and so, there couldn't have been a more perfect time to just sit at home and play these games. Considering JRPGs are quite long compared to the stuff I usually play, I was glad to have so much free time. And I'm so glad I did. These games made lockdown quite bearable, they've got lots of fascinating characters in quite different but still intriguing stories that I actually immersed myself in. That's quite rare for me to do since I usually don't care much for stories in games. And the music, it's so good. Uematsu is an absolute genius and I'm not afraid to say the soundtracks make FF what it is.

So far I've played III, VI, VII, IX, X, XII, XIII, XIII-2, XIV and the demo of XV. Out of those I've only beaten VII, IX, X and XIII but I very much enjoyed them. As for the rest I'm planning on eventually playing all of them. I'm definitely a fan for life now and I can't wait to see what XVI has in store in the future. If anyone actually read this long ass post, consider giving them a try. Most of them are old but they still holdup in every aspect other than graphics.

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So TL, DR: finally gave FF series a try to see what the fuss is all about. Ended up loving them and now, I'm actually interested in JRPGs as a whole (a genre I never cared for before). Try these games!


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