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While a lot of folks hold video game storytelling to a lower standard than books and movies, do you think some people hold them to “unfair” standards?

I've seen plenty of circumstances where a game touted as having a "great story that made me cry", according to internet comments, would be lucky to get a 2nd glance if it was a show aired on the sci fi channel. We all have.

But sometimes I suspect that when talking about games with good writing, I've seen folks push it to the opposite extreme. Like, lately I've seen a handful of folks insist they know of only several games with good writing, and they start listing off things like Disco Elysium, Planescape Torment, Legacy of Kain, etc. But this is the point where I start to wonder if some folks don't consider a game's writing worth discussing if it would contend for anything short of an Oscar. I mean… decades and decades of gaming media and you can count the good stuff on your fingers? That can't be right.

Like, I understand the slight disappointment that games with storytelling comparable to the best of movies and literature do not come out with such frequency, but I believe this is also translating into a slight bitterness against games that tell stories that are good, but not "great".

I kinda want to hear from you guys, about games you think are probably popcorn blockbuster quality. Games with storytelling comparable to the average Marvel movie. And I'll admit, my own gut instinct is to believe that that sounds derogetory… but even if they don't discuss sophisticated topics, and perhaps appeal to more basic wants for escapism… the average Marvel flick is still a "good" story, with some flaws and some decent strengths. We don't hold Antman accountable for not being Birdman, so why do we hold some games accountable for not being the next Nier?

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I'm just wondering now how many games we've had where, if you showed the dialogue to a critic they'd be like "Eh. That was pretty okay. B+", but we've kinda refused to let ourselves get excited for them, like we can't show this to our sophisticated aunt who likes multi-layered character dramas, so clearly it's trash.

So… shoot. Let me know if you've ever played a game that wasn't some grand pullitzer prize piece, and it didn't need to be; if it were presented through the lens of a movie-going audience, it'd be "pretty okay", and that would be fine.


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