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While you weren’t paying attention, GTA Online started becoming a car collectors paradise and it’s been pretty cool.

Content of the article: "While you weren’t paying attention, GTA Online started becoming a car collectors paradise and it’s been pretty cool."

You may not know it but one of the world's biggest online games has become home to something you never expected: collecting cars. I found out about this by complete accident. There's a glitch called Giving Cars To Friends (or GCTF for short. It's now on its second iteration GCTFII) where players can "trade" cars with each other using a multi-step process that's pretty easy to do, once you get the hang of it.

As you may know, GTA Online is great for the wealthy gamer because as a regular player in order to own the best stuff, you have to grind for several millions of dollars just to actually enjoy the game.

For example: There's gun running and drug smuggling. Both costs in the neighborhood of $2.3 million to $3 million respectively to start up. That's not including the cost of buying of the semi truck to transport the illegal goods AKA Mobile Operations Center (MOC for short) to sell the illicit product or the biker club which allows you to own the cocaine lock-up in the first place. Both costs another 1.5 to 3 million bucks.

But we're not here to talk about that. We're here to talk about how GTA has become a haven for car collecting and I am hooked! I started out on it pretty innocently. Using the GCTF method, I asked if someone could give a poor gamers a car. After a little while someone took pity on me and said that they would. Pretty soon it would lead me to collecting and trading some pretty rare cars. I have traded with people from all walks of life, from kids to adults, those from the East Coast to a few mates from England, Ireland and Australia. Most have been pretty cool to deal with, some not so. It's not a cheap start up because you have to have the Bunker and the aforementioned MOC, which if you're grinding you likely already have. If not, that will set you back a few million bucks. But if you want to get into collecting cars, it's a small price to play tbh.

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Most of the vehicles that I've gotten are from people who use glitches to cause the game to put accessories on cars that don't belong. For example: I have a few with Yankton plates, a monster truck with F1 tires, a car without a front hood and quite a few cars with glitched paint jobs, allowing paint that's not allowable in the normal game. The glitch is so popular, some players also have car meets where they go into private lobbies and show off their cars.

It's gotten so bad I can't even look at the non modded cars the same. My 4 million dollar supercar has nothing on my 1.5 million dollar car with the purple and red paint job. Did I mention that it has rockets and can fly too?

For the curious hers an album with a few cars I collected. All in all I have about 40 or so

TL;DR: GTA a game about stealing cars has turned into a great place for collecting modded cars.


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