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Whoa here she’s comes, watch out boy she’ll chew you up – Maneater – 2 Hours in

Content of the article: "Whoa here she’s comes, watch out boy she’ll chew you up – Maneater – 2 Hours in"

I picked this game up a few weeks ago and never really found the time to dig into it. I played a 20 minute session that takes you through the tutorial and put it down and never got back to it until last night.

If you have never heard of this game, you play a Shark. The game starts off with you as a beefy huge shark and you are out to eat some fish, some people, pretty much anything and any one. I won't go into the story much more. The game then has you as a baby shark and you have a vendetta against a hunter who has scarred you.

So you start of as a baby shark (cue the music) and you then roam around, eating small fish, using the small fish to level up and grow, you find crates of "nutrients" that you burst open and these help you level up. So the basic lure of the game is be a shark and eat as much as possible and grow as big as possible to take down the shark hunters in the game. The more chaos you cause, lures the Shark Hunters out to the waters and you need to take them down one by one. Along the way you have little missions to kill unique fish and other such animals and in doing so you gain abilities to go with your growth. One ability gives your bite and electric shock effect, another gives you bigger duller teeth but these are used to smash through wooden boats, this brings people into the water and makes them easy prey.

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If you ever played Jaws Unleashed on PS2, then you know what you are in for, except this game does it better. As a shark you are swimming around the controls are responsive and the dodge and lunging feel good. The problems come with lock on and camera movement. The game urges you to use a lock on to enemies but despite trying to use it numerous times, it just never really worked and the camera was all over the place. You are constantly shifting it as you attack a target, and that is my one major issue with the game. This game would be so much better with a better camera that maybe pulls out to give you a better view of the surroundings.

All in all the game is fun so far, I can understand that it could get repetitive but played in short bursts and having a laugh sneaking up beach parties is fun. You can pull yourself out of the water for a limited time so you can get a few chomps in on people on the beach.

Would recommend. .

3 out of 4 shark teeth.


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