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Why AoC is so hyped everywhere?

AoC looks like is made form free assets on Unity. I know, it's in never ending alpha stage, so I should not really comment on how the game looks like becuase it will change but… this game really has no soul. And I am not saying that the game HAS to look like or better than BDO (which funny enough also has no soul), I presonally like 2D games more (so I don't take the issue on how modern graphics are) BUT there's like zero of artisitc direction and aesthetic in this game. Just like I said, it looks like some ready to use assets. And they are not shy to show any type gameplay etc. just checked and last video added was week ago and it was preview of skills….So it's like they are 100% sure on how this game will look like.

I understand that people have hopes for it becuase they promise to bring MMORPG back to it best. They showed, wait not showed, they explained some of their system that they will want to implement and what they showed is what they wanted us to see. When there will be a longer time of some tests we can then see if what they promised is there and how it REALLY works. Now I think people hyping AoC should stop using phrases like ''ambitous, revolutionary'' etc. when describing this game, and maybe stop hyping systems that aren't really there. These devs be doing stream, explaining system and showing some half ass tent model. If you want to see real ''ambitous'' and ''revolutionary'' MMO give me and hour and I will be back with google docs. Can I start kickstarter now?

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I am not really saying that devs here are at wrong, they do what they have to do, their project started form kickstarter and they must bring as many people as they can right now, I am sure their budget is small they made 3,3 milion USD on kickstarter so hyping game like that is just the way form them to make mone on their 75-375 USD pacs and push development forward. The thing I have issue with is how this game is hyped by the MMO community. And don't tell me ''it's just showes how community is hungry for new MMOs'', personally I play MMOs exclusively and yes, the market isn't what it used to be but there is a ton of games that you can still play – you will be surpsied if you came out of your comfort zone.

Tbh I can uderstnad all the hype and all the hate on New World, this game let you played, people tested, some hated and some have high hopes but at least it was in playable and not only showed in SCRIPTED way like AoC streams.


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