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Why Death Stranding is one of the best games of the generation. Must try.

Content of the article: "Why Death Stranding is one of the best games of the generation. Must try."

this alternate universe metal gear installment is pure sandbox fun; the gameplay is divided into 2 sections: yes, you'll always be delivering packages but you'll do so by exploring an area first, "unlocking" it, and then optimizing the path as much as you can by building useful constructions in order to be the best courier on the planet; then you'll quickly level up the various quest givers and you'll unlock new gear, making you an even better courier. This is the gameplay loop, and it stands really well on its own and it's spiced up by monster encounters and human encounters too.

The technology powering this game is impressive aswell, the cutscenes look simply amazing, but also the various physics simulations and the level of detail put in all scenarios: the world is depressing, but also rich of interesting visual and gameplay curves.

Not only the gameplay is this good, but the story, despite some clichèes, is profound and amazingly narrated too. And good lord the acting in this game is fantastic. Hideo and crew have set up a fantastic sci-fi world that is very fascinating, and the themes of the game, especially in this covid world, feel even more appropriate. However, to get the most out of it you'll have to do a lot of reading (kinda the same amount as in Control).

After having clocked in about 75 hours, playing on PC, Very Hard, Offline (I really suggest you try offline and very hard too because it makes travelling the world that much more satisfying by making you feel lonelier, just out there on your own; the game is really forgiving anyways because it knows that it's a delivery simulator and not a shooter, though there can be a lot of shooting in this game if you want it) I'd say if you're the kind of gamer that values amazing cutscenes and relaxing but rewarding gameplay, absolutely try this game. Complete this game.


Nitpick: especially on pc, the camera is sometimes frustratingly too close to the main character. Some bugs with input controllers. absence of anisotropic filtering setting is baffling


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