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Why do people say that Metal gear solid 3 is the best one?

I am playing through all the Metal gear solid games right now.
Started with the first, yesterday ended the third, now go further to the fourth.

I loved the first game and think the second one is a masterpiece or at the very least close to one.
After those two mostly great games, I was hyped for the third one.
Since years people said "MGS 3 is the best MGS game, it's the best game ever made!"
And I bought that.
I mean the first two are so great, that a third one that's even better, would infact be one of the best games ever.

So was it that? No.
And I don't understand why people like it so much.

So firstly let's start with the gameplay.
Many people side stuff like the survival parts of the game as amazing.
You have to eat, when you get hit you have to treat the wound and all that.
But all of that stuff is pretty pointless and time wasting.

For example: Hunting.
When you actually think about it, what does this add to the game?
Hunting isn't hard. Animals mostly wait until you kill them and are easy to catch. You don't have to do anything with the food afterwards and the worst that can happen is that you have to take a pill or vomit.
"Hunting" is mostly something you do on the sides.
"Oh there is a snake or a rat on the ground, I can take that", later you eat it and then that's done.
The only sort of cool thing is that you can take animals alive and throw them at enemies. It's not useful or anything and you will never really use it, but it's pretty fun.

What about treating wounds?
Again very pointless expansion.
Aslong as you don't try to, you will never run out of stuff to treat yourself.
Most of the time you can literally just spam all the buttons until the wound is treated and be wasteful with your bandages and stuff and you will still always have enough.. at least that's how I played.

What about camouflage?
"Oh a new place. I take a new camouflage."
Yeah, that's pretty much all there is to it.

Those things do nothing but slow the game down.
But to make matters even worse, there is now a backpack.
Snake can only have a certain amount of weapons and stuff on him. So if you want to swap, you have to go in the menu, unequip something and equip the thing you want to have.

So you will spend lots of time in the menu for those things.
The whole hunting thing shouldn't be in the game, treating your wounds should either be removed too or at least be more of a challange, camouflage isn't the worst thing in the world; but still pointless honestly and I don't understand the need of the backpack.

So pretty much everything new this game offers to the series is either pointless or slowing it down.
I heard that most to all of those changes are gone in MGS4. Mhhh.. wonder why.

But what did the game keep?
Well there is now CQC! It's very weird, dosen't get explained very well, there are tutorials on youtube for it where people in the comments say that they didn't use it, freezing people is for some reason really weird and Snake dosen't do it in my game and Snake still can't hold his gun steady for 2 seconds.

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But at least the camera works good and is actually very well made for the game. And the controls are fine too.

The A.I also kinda got dumber.
In the second game, I once had such a cool moment. I was behind a shelf and two enemies came in. First one looked in and then when everything was clear, he told the other one to join him. I thought "when they go right, I'll go left and vice versa" however then one of them said something like "you left, I right" and they covered both sides, to catch me.
They also checked on each others positions every minute or so and shoot stuff like lights to make it harder to see them.

In 3 they are kinda.. weird.
One time I was trying to escape from them and hid under a table. But instead of doing something, they shoot the table (and door), while the timer went down and then when it reached zero they left and looked around.
They also ran away from me sometimes, while not seeing me besides me being behind them and I had a similar situation from the second game, in the third one with me hidding behind a box.
But instead of going both sides, they just went both left, allowing to escape.

Even the graphics look kinda worse. Everything looks so grey, muddy and boring. I know that this is kinda the point of the game and that this is a very subjective point, but I prefered the stylized look of two honestly. Except of the face animation, they hold up surprisingly well, despite some awkward mouth animations.
Also (people will hate me for this) Snakes voice actor gets kinda annoying. I liked him in the first and in the second he wasn't there enough to make me notice it, but he says every line the same way and (maybe because he got older) his voice sounds more like he is forcing the words out at this point. Raiden had also some forced lines, but not nearly as bad as this.

By the way this game has boss fights.. "fights." And yes I played the game on "normal" and not "easy".

Ocelot: Fine fight, pretty easy but has a lot of cool things you can do. It's good for the first boss and as sort of a test for the first person mode.

The pain: Have no idea what that guy can do. When I threw a grenade at him, he got stunned and then I could shoot him with the shotgun. I did this until he was dead and didn't see any attack outside of "here are bees." where I jumped in the water.

The fear: I hit behind a tree. The boss could only jump between two trees from there and because he is still very easy to see when he is "invisible", I could shoot him with my shotgun. Fight lasted a minute or two and I saw one of his attack, that being him shooting at me.

The end: Finally a good fight and hands down a amazing one. Hunting and eating is actually something important here, since you need it to stay awake. During the fight, I looked besides corners, used many different things and tricks from gas grenades to C4 and it was pretty tense. It ended rather quick tho. I found his footprints, sneaked up behind him and took half of his health away with my shotgun. Yeah, I think it would be better if when you hit him from behind, he throws a flash and then just spawns away and Snake says something like "Damn he is quick!". And also he should put some traps behind him, to make it a risk-reward thing.
Still great fight tho, probably my favorit fight in the series so far.

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The fury: So I hit him with the shotgun and-

The Sorrow: People like this "fight". But why? Why would you do that?
The whole thing is just Snake walking towards him while everyone you killed in the game is walking towards him.
The idea of is actually very cool. Being more or less haunted by the people you killed and even showing them in the way you killed them.
I almost killed no one, so the effect was pretty lost on me, but it's still a very cool idea.. but man it takes long. It took me like 8 minutes to get through the "fight", where I just pressed forward. The effect gets lost pretty quickly and it just becomes boring and not very emotional.
That guy was hinted at for the whole game and that's it? I was so disappointed.
Why not fight against the people you killed and the bosses again. But with the twist that you have to kill the enemies in the same way as you did before.
While you do it, they scream and beg for you to not do it. Maybe call out to family members to show that these are actual people. You also had to fight against the bosses again, just weaker and shorter of course.. even if those guys were weak and short even when they were alive.
Do something. Don't just let me walk forward for 10 minutes and then call it a day.
Also there are ghosts now? "Magic isn't real" Ocelot said, while his father is a ghost. Also if the Sorrow is able to talk to people and show himself to people, then why didn't he tell Boss that he is her son and if there are ghosts, shouldn't be scientists and stuff all over this? It's almost like you don't just throw something like that out there.

The Boss: Yeah she was okay. You are supposed use CQC against her, but my caveman brain can't do that and didn't even know that was a thing, before I finished the game.
So instead I sniped her to death. I layed on the ground, sniped her, layed on the ground, sniped her, until she was dead.

I would love to talk about the story, but that topic is too huge for this already long post.
What I will say tho:
The story is weaker than in any other of the games, but not bad infact I'd still call it great.
The massage being "scenes" and the chaotic nature of war and how friends become enemies while the high ups who don't risk their lifes, decide who to kill and who to like.
At the end Ocelot was Snakes "friend", the boss is a war traitor for her nation despite being a hero for it and Eva used Snake for her own ends.
It's pretty well writen.
On a minus side tho: The people in the codex call are pretty lifeless and don't have nearly the personality of Rose (yes I like her), Octocon, Naomi and the rest.
People said that the "you know witch day tomorrow is?" is annoying, but are fine with "have you seen this movie?".
I was actually curious about what day is tomorrow and it was connected with the themes and characters, while the movie thing feels more like a little quirk.
Maybe it has something to do with movies always giving pleasure to both sides of the war? Ehhh, I don't know.
They weren't terrible or anything, I actually liked some of their talks, but they are still pretty forgatable.

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I also liked that this Snake is not a 100% copy of Solid Snake and has his own personality and history.
The villains are almost all flat and nothing, but I guess we won't hit the peak of the ones from the first game ever again anyways. Also I kinda didn't buy the whole thing between the boss and Sneak. It mostly felt like the boss almost didn't care for Snake and they felt more like good friends, then soulmates. Maybe the tutorial of the game should of been a young Snake getting trained by the boss in the wild and we see them work together, while she shows the player CQC and all that. I don't know, I am not a writer lol

Overall the story, was very good but not nearly as great as the ones from the first two.

Did I hate the game? No, I actually liked it. But it's not a masterpiece or one of the greatest. It's probably not even great alone. It's a good bit above average. A B- or C+
Maybe I treat it for a ice-cream, but I won't hang it on my fridge and call it a goodboy.

You are welcome to disagree with me and downvote me. Maybe everything I said was wrong and the game just wasn't for me.
But I am just so curious how people can call this game, the greatest or even one of the greatest. I can see the first two on that spot, but not this one.

…Except the intro song, the intro song is pretty sick.


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