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Why do so many game studios/publishers hide music composers under generic names such as “SIE Sound Team” or “EA Games Soundtrack”?

Hello everyone. This is my first post in here. I actually haven't been a gamer in a long time, but I always looked at a distance and I've grown an inner interest in getting to know the medium more with the fantasy of being involved in a project in some capacity one day.

I am an electronic music producer, and of course one of the things that interest me the most in a videogame is the music. There are some games whose OST is phenomenal. I think of Returnal and Control, both are niche games with excellent and forward-thinking electronic based OSTs. Game music can quickly become iconic and trascend the game itself. The case with Donkey Kong Country's "Aquatic Ambiance" (btw… did you ever notice that it sounds eerily similar to "Deference For Darkness" from Halo ODST?)

Some game composers have risen to near superstar level, with people such as Nobuo Wematsu and Martin O'Donnell.

And that's why I'm quite astonished that certain OSTs aren't even properly credited, at least on streaming services. Bloodborne's music is a very interesting OST under many aspects. It has your classic epic-horror vibe but it sometimes transcends it into something more elaborate and dramatic. It isn't just orchestral cacophony, as an attentive hear will notice the reutilization of themes among different tracks (I wonder if one could make lore speculations based on the motifs that are shared between the different tracks, even though it's very likely that there isn't any). Yet… if you go look at te credits you will see a very generic "SIE SOUND TEAM". The same goes for Demon's Souls. EA does something very similar with EA GAMES SOUNDTRACK. Another example is Namco Sounds. On Spotify you can see who worked on the specific tracks if you right-click on it, but most people just won't bother doing that. If you try to do that with Namco Sounds soundtracks you won't see anyone at all.

I'm trying to understand if there's a rational explanation for this. I've never seen anything like this on any industry. Movies will at least properly credit the name of the main OST producer, or the names of those who composed the majority of the tracks. Example: the only reason Klaus Badelt was credited as the composer for Pirates Of The Caribbean is because he was involved in most of the tracks, otherwise all of the themes and direction is Hans Zimmer's, who picked up the 3 next chapters in the series. In games however I notice that the name is often completely hidden from sight. This is unexplainable to me and I find it disrespectful to those who worked on the project.

Is this just based on greed? Is it a way publishers have found to keep complete control over their IPs without properly crediting the single artists that worked on the games?

EDIT: I understand I must definitely be ignorant on the subject. However, by downvoting the post and comments I write you aren't making any point cogent point as to why. Why not write a comment and explain? 🙂


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