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Why do we skip to endgame?

MMO is a rare gaming genre where a large percentage of players opts to skip 90% of the content in order to participate in the "endgame" portion. Obviously, "endgame" means different things to different people, but generally i'd say it's whatever repetitive activity is that's done at the max level, once all the questing and leveling is completed.

In other genres, activities are distinct from one another. In RTS games you can jump right into multiplayer without bothering with the campaign. Same with most shooters. So why do we do this? Why are we gravitating towards a product where 90% of the value is glossed over? Why do players complain about lobby MMOs and lack of open world, but then spend all their time sitting in a city queuing for whatever activity they want to do? I've heard arguments like "most MMOs have shitty generic stories", so why play those games then? Surely the endgame is then no different than all the other generic MMOs before.

I've noticed in LazyPeon's videos that he never reads any quest text. Ever. And i know plenty of folks who play MMOs the same way. Has the RPG portion of MMORPG completely fallen off the wayside? I'm really trying to understand why a person would play an RPG game and not want to do any of the story content. In his most recent video he complained about lack of guidance in the game, while 5 minutes prior to that mashing the skip button while talking to an NPC explaining crafting.

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I'm genuinely curious if those players would prefer for endgame to become a subgenre of its own. A game where you don't have any levels, but rather do group activities to obtain new gear and become more powerful. I don't think i've seen anything similar to this.

Don't get me wrong – i'm not trying to gatekeep MMOs. Play however you want, it's your time and money. I'm just trying to understand the mentality.


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