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Why does it seem that every game with a colorful art style get compared to Fortnite, in usually a bad way?

I'm noticing a trend recently. With games that are more cartoonish or at least very colorful, people shit on it for copying Fortnite and being kid's trash. This extends to things like character designs, where it seems that people now associate very colorfully and decked out characters as appealing to the Gen Z kids.

One great example is ONRUSH. I've seen people say, "Oh its like Fortnite", even though its a completely different genre; just because it looks visual similar. It used as a negative, but why?

Did these people forget how dull games uses to look? Everyone seems to critical about the brown and gray era of games, but once we finally get games that look stunning, it isn't good enough?

Especially being that other games have a similar art style, like Overwatch, it weird that Fortnite is being used at the game to put down others; whether that is from people who love Fortnite or the ones who hate it.

Of course, I'm also not going to sit here and claim that this new art style shouldn't be critiqued. Some games overdo it, and for others like, VALORANT, even though is closer to this new art style, just feels very weak in presentation.

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As much as I appreciate that 'brown and gray' style for horror and dark toned games, I just don't want to go back to what we had before. I love playing older games, but they have aged even more so with how incredibly dull they can look.

For example, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days: they went for a internet video look, and it sucks so bad. It honestly looks worse than the original's games presentation as all the colors are off because I guess internet video don't look good. At least this new colorful art style will holds game's presentations for much more years to come.

Obviously, I've made my points. How do you feel about this new art style? Do you like it, or would you rather have a return of the brown's and gray's of generations before?


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