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Why FFX is the best entry point to the series for me

Hi there! First off, I've wanted to get into the Final Fantasy series for a long, long time now. I remember playing FFVII with my dad when I was very young, and since FFVII is talked about on nearly every games journalism side and channel every other day, I felt I knew the story well enough to pick up and play FFVIIR and I positively loved my time with it.

But as far as the rest of the series goes, those are the only two I really know. I had played through maybe half of FFXV some years ago and enjoyed my time with it, but never went back. I wanted to play some of the earlier games before I moved on to the more modern titles. Obviously I changed my mind when it came to FFVIIR lol.

Over the past few years, I've probably started nearly every title once or twice. FFVII, I found I couldn't really get into. I adore the story but at times it feels like a bit of a slog, and when it doesn't, I find myself getting distracted fast. FFVIII on the other hand, I've always wanted to try but only recently got the physical edition of the remaster. Same with IX. I just finished collecting each physical edition for the PS4 along with the digital only ones like VII and IX, and reading through some articles and watching my favourite YouTube channel (PlayStation Access), I came to the conclusion that I'd start with X. I've heard so many great things about it and it all checks out so far.

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The game is utterly gorgeous, first of all. The first proper 3D modern looking title afaik. Other than that, it's actually really refreshing to play a more linear style JRPG. I do love the traditional JRPG, wondering from town to town, speaking with every NPC you see to find out where to go next, but sometimes that's a real off putter for me. Sometimes I do just want that linear experience. And I'm really enjoying what X has to offer so far.

I think it's really hard at times to get through a backlog of games, especially with so many new stuff coming out here and there. Only recently certain titles have hit the market and I cannot wait to get my hands on them. Right about now I'm working on a system that for every 1 long game and 2 shorter games I finish (I have an Evercade too and wow!) I'll pick up something newer.

Happy May all!


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