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Why has Nintendo “gimped” the Switch so hard?

Content of the article: "Why has Nintendo “gimped” the Switch so hard?"

So for a long time I've had a hacked Switch and a clean Switch, and looking back, I've noticed I basically haven't touched the clean Switch in a long time, while I use my hacked Switch on a daily basis and the thing is, I'm not actually using my hacked Switch for Piracy.

One of the interesting things about the Hacked Switch is that suddenly it just basically "unlocks" features of the Switch that should just be there on the official console, but for some reason aren't and I can't put my head around why. Some features of the Hacked Switch include

Fully Easily Customisable Horizon OS themes.

– Ability to use the Switch's natural ability (The Switch is for all intents and purposes, an Nvidia Shield with a Screen) to use Nvidia Gamestream, so I can literally stream games and movies and apps and hell my entire PC flawlessly <0.5ms latency from my PC to my Switch.

– Restoring the Hardware's base standard clock speeds and being able to choose clock speeds based on handheld, handheld with unofficial charger, handheld with official charger, docked, literally based on each individual game. Restoring the hardware proper rated clock speeds also only increase Temps <5C

– Home Media Centre abilities

– Browser.

– Twitch Streaming.

– Syscon/Mission Control lets you use literally any controller, Xboxone, 360, DS4, DS3 etc on the Switch

– Here is a weird one, for some reason, when running Android on the Switch, suddenly, the Wifi works 3x the distance and has like 5x the bandwidth. Why? Because Nintendo gimped the Wifi on Horizon OS for no reason? The Switch's notorious terrible wifi is literally just a software issue that could be patched.

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And this is just some of the small number of things that basically are just there functionally "unlocked" when you use Homebrew and while I understand why say, Syscon doesn't exist (they want you to buy their controllers), it makes no sense for why things like Gamestream, Customisable Horizon Themes, Browser aren't right there out of the box on the official Switch and why in hell the Wifi is so broken on the Official Switch.

Looking at the Nvidia Shield though, there also are just things that should exist on the Switch already like, you know… The Shield having full HD Gamecube and Wii games as part of Nvidia's partnership with Nintendo? Why in hell isn't this on the Switch already?

I just cannot understand why Nintendo has frankly been so lazy with the Switch in terms of actually providing it features. It has no real streaming services, it's online system is a joke, it doesn't even have the OS features that the Wii and DS family had like browser, weather, themes. I understand the Switch was a rushed console, but there is no excuse at this point for the console to be so bare bones and featureless and for Horizon to feature such a terrible UI. I mean, I could literally whip up a new, vastly superior Horizon UI in a few hours and patch it to my Hacked Switch and yet this is too hard for Nintendo.

Gamestream alone, If the Switch came out of the box with its Gamestream features active, it would literally be the most useful and best console of all time without question, why own an Xbox or Playstation when you can stream all the Multiplat AAA games to your Switch from PC? But nope, despite literally being an Nvidia Shield for all intents and purposes, doesn't have it on. I just don't get Nintendo's thinking with how little support they've actually given the Switch, despite it being a massively popular console. Around half of all Switches sold this year alone are "inactive" according to Nintendo. Maybe if they actually had some big standard features on the console, they would see daily use like how I use mine.

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Does anyone have any clue why Nintendo has just sort of let the Switch stagnate in terms of features and gimped/locked other features away? It just makes no logical sense to me.


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