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Why hasn’t there been an Android emulator for flash games?

Content of the article: "Why hasn’t there been an Android emulator for flash games?"

Ever since I heard about BlueMaxima's Flashpoint preservation project, I've started to feel nostalgic with all the old flash games I played as a kid. Then, I thought it would be really cool to play all those games on the go, especially since there's already been plenty of iconic yet "light" games out there that have been ported to mobile such as Plants vs Zombies.

But when I checked for methods of playing flash games on Android, only one real method turned up, which is using Puffin Browser, possibly the only mobile browser out there that supports flash.

I'd stick to this method, but over time the app has grown to become more restrictive with it's features, limiting the access you have for an extended amount of time. And even the pro version seems to have its own issues.

So now, I wonder… Why do you need a specific browser in order to play flash games on Android? Especially since there have already been numerous working emulators for different game platforms such as GBA, NDS, PSP, and even older consoles like the PS1?

With most flash games, you could just extract the .swf files and run them with Adobe Flash Player on the PC (at least before 2021), Why does it seem like that nobody has been able to make a program that emulates flash? Would it be really difficult to make? Did nobody ever think of doing it? or nobody just bother to do it?

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I know this might probably be irrelevant now, especially since flash is officially dead, but I've been wondering about this for a while now, and I just wanted to know if there were clear answers out there.

TL;DR: I'm just curious as to why there are no flash game/animation emulators for Android, while Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, and PSP games have at least one emulator out there. Would it be very hard to create or code? Did nobody just bother to make one? Cause it would honestly be really awesome if there was one out there. Especially with Flashpoint already providing the extracted .swf files.


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