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Why I can’t anticipate new MMORPGs with fun.

Content of the article: "Why I can’t anticipate new MMORPGs with fun."

Yes, this is sort of a rant. Feel free to ignore and move on if you aren't interested.

People often want the best graphics in an MMORPG as well as an active and engaging player base. However, not all gamers have the best devices, and of those that do, not everyone is an MMORPG fan. If people want a free to play game, what makes one think they have the best devices?

I never really cared about the graphics of games, because as a student I wasn't really given expensive laptops and/or mobile devices. I can barely run even Minecraft on this laptop, and even with Optifine, I can't PvP. I want to get a better PC, but that would happen 5 years later after I graduate, not now.

That just leaves me to mobile devices, and there are only so many good MMORPGs. I tried AQ3D, and it heated my device after an hour and a half of gameplay, and it doesn't feel as lively as Toram Online. I tried Albion too, but the game started crashing after I completed the tutorial. So, besides those, only Toram is decent. (Although I would love if some of the bling is lowered.)

The sad reality is that new MMORPGs keep on coming, like ASHES OR CREATION, etc. but I wouldn't be able to test them out at all. You might say to try out 2D or text-based MMORPGs, but why should I downgrade my experience drastically? Toram Online runs on my phone decently, even 4 hours without heating, so why not?

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Instances are what greatly help in reducing the amount of data that needs to be exchanged, so I can't feel excited to play a new open-world MMO even if I truly want to. I want to play with people like on this sub, but the capacities of our devices keep us apart.

Rather than spend $1000 on a device just to play a f2p game on the best graphics, I would pay $10 for a simple isometric MMO. There are multiple times when a game has a lot of things that I want, but I get disappointed because it has higher device requirements.

It feels really nice to lurk on this sub and witness you talk about the problems with MMOs. But I can't experience gameplay on most of them, let alone problems.

Would you sacrifice graphics for better community interaction/ environment interaction and probably destruction, player-driven economy, cross-play so that there are a lot of players and the 'feel of an MMO'?

I would.


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