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Why is Game Pass widely considered better than PSNow?

Content of the article: "Why is Game Pass widely considered better than PSNow?"

I own neither an Xbox nor Playstation, but I'm planning to purchase either a Series X or a PS5. Something I've been puzzled by from my research is why Game Pass seems almost universally regarded as the superior option to PSNow.

In terms of pricing, PSNow is cheaper and more flexible, since an annual subscription can be purchased for only $60/year (or $120 with PSPlus) as opposed to $120 for Game Pass (or $180 with Xbox Live Gold).

In terms of game selection, my impression is that the services are comparable. Both have a decent number of high-quality AAA and indie games and a number of exclusives. In fact, PSNow actually has a larger library of around 800 games, whereas Game Pass has around 200.

I do see some distinct advantages of Game Pass. The first is that new titles are available from day 1 of release. That's certainly an attractive feature. But it doesn't strike me as enough to warrant the massive disparity in attitudes between the two services. Speaking for myself, I'd prefer to have a substantially lower monthly-cost to new titles being available upon release.

A second advantage is that Microsoft is obviously putting much more money and effort into Game Pass than Sony is with PSNow. This generates more confidence that Game Pass will be a high-quality and reliable service. That strikes me as a distinct advantage, though my impression is that PSNow has been gradually improving over time as well.

Am I missing something here? I don't have first-hand experience with either service, so I'm open to the possibility that I've overlooked something. I've also ignored PC, since I wanted to consider just how the services fare for consoles. And to be clear, I'm not suggesting that PSNow is the superior service. But I don't understand why Game Pass is widely considered better than PSNow, and why the two services aren't instead regarded as comparable options each with their advantages and disadvantages.

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