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Why is it so hard for companies to create good MMOs?

Content of the article: "Why is it so hard for companies to create good MMOs?"

Like honestly, it feels like they just have no idea of how to create a god damn game, sure developing things is time consuming and can be a challenge but if their ideas and plans and prioriters are wrong it doesnt matter.

Where did it come from that MMOs must look good first and then they do other shit? It's like we're back 10 years and all new shooters are just "we are using cryengine!! it looks cool! game is shit though"

First just the graphics; not that important in an MMO, what is important is that 1) the game is smooth, there is no lagg or stuttering. Stop trying to create a fucking MMO that looks AMAZING because no one plays an MMO just because of graphics.

Movement and shit. How hard is it to look at WoW and just copy it? don't make my character stop for 2 seconds or keep on running when I quit. if I want to ADAD like it's CSGO then I should be able to.

Classes? create 8-10. Dps, healers and tanks. Fuck GW2 style where there are no tanks or healers etc. Some of this shit couldn't be simpler. Hunter/Ranger, Priest etc.. warriors are tank, lancers maybe are cool.

Copy the fucking mythic+ dungeons systems from WoW, it's not even original idea from WoW, just copy it..

Have 10-25man raids, nothing else. Normal and Hc.

Proffessions should build upon eachother; mining and fishing etc should go into blacksmithing and cooking. Fish->Cook->Create food that gives buffs. Mining->Blacksmithing->Armour, but every raid tier you can drop material from dungeons+raids so you can infact craft and even sell raid tier items with a reasonable grind, maybe 2 clears for an item.

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Why do all these companies have to go and create MMOS that just are shit? 6 spells on your fucking castbar is pure shit, if your character runs like shit like the skyrim mmo then you are retarded.

Like What's the point of playing an mmo if you cant sit at 150+ fps all the time ingame? no dungeons? no raids? wtf

TL;DR No one cares if your shit MMO looks good, no one plays an mmo because it looks good. People want 150+ fps, looks okay, dungeons and raids and some interesting classes.


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