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Why isn’t the 3rd person fantasy rpg made with online co-op in mind more often? Is it because of MMOs?

Content of the article: "Why isn’t the 3rd person fantasy rpg made with online co-op in mind more often? Is it because of MMOs?"

My favorite games are your typical fantasy RPG open world games like Skyrim, Dragon Age, Dragon's Dogma, etc. Whenever I'm playing these games I always think "It would be so cool if a friend could join me as I go explore this dungeon, fight this dragon, <insert other typical fantasy rpg experience>." Then I pause and think "oh yeah, that's why you've played so much world of Warcraft."

I know MMOs aren't as big as they used to be, but do you think their presence as the "if you want a fantasy rpg experience with other people, play these" stop developers of those single player games from implementing online co-op? I mean some games, especially party based RPGs (like DA: I and Dragon's Dogma) just feel like they're screaming to have co-op. Like how cool would it be to play dragon age inquisition and to have the 4th member of your party be your friend who connected online? Or In Dragon's Dogma, instead of you and 3 pawns, it's you and 1 pawn plus your friend and their pawn. It just seems like it'd be so cool.

I mean I know developers have thought of these things, and so have other fans (check out the huge Skyrim Together fan mod, for example). But what do you think stops them from implementing it? Is it mmos? Simple time/resources? Scaling? Just curious what your thoughts are.

And before someone points it out, I know there are examples of this. The game Outward really stood out to me because it had co-op, though I haven't played it. Are there other games that have done it?

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Also, I mean specifically 3rd person. I know Diablo and Torchlight and the like exist, I've just never been able to get into those the same way I get into a Skyrim, for example.

Also, "why not just play an mmo?" I have. A lot. I love them. However, the experience of a WoW from an RPG perspective (and often a gameplay perspective) is very different than a Dragon's Dogma in my opinion (as an example).

Finally, I know Dragon Age: Inquisition has a multiplayer mode, but I think it's clear that I mean co-op gameplay in the main fantasy world, not just a dungeon running game mode with friends, though that can be fun.

TL;DR What do you think stops those huge open world fantasy games (Skyrim, Dragon Age, etc.) from implementing co-op more often? Are there any examples of games doing this you could share with me?


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