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Why MMOs are hardly accessible to new players

I just wanna adress this as I find quite interesting, as anyone probably knows, starting any mmorpgs for anyone that's not already a hardcore player will feel extremly overwhelmed, and i wanna adress both things that makes them hard to get into and what makes some fall pretty quickly.

To start with, I will compare mmos in general with a pretty popular game right now that's trying to include mmo elements since start, genshin impact.

For example, what a lot of mmorpgs tend to do wrong start from the very tutorial, you know the drill, you log in, you're selecting a server and you're making your character, picking up the race you like and other aesthetic things that depending of game will matter or not too much later, the only important thing usually it's the character class and so far even someone new can understand it.

Now, after you spent 2 hours creating your ideal medieval/anime character you're getting into the literal tutorial, from which probably most of players will get lost of everything, from all mechanics explained in a really short period of time to the 50 different menu buttons on the screen, and probably there are over 15 keyboard shortcuts that they'll never use, cause they forgot they exist or never noticed. I'll be honest, and you be too, mmorpgs have a thing for dropping massive amout of information really quickly that will just turn players off, instead of including them step by step, and by that i mean outside of the literal tutorial. Like let's say the mmorpgs will force me to go fishing and explain that and right after give me other 50 quests till i can finish the "get into feel" things, and i honestly think, wouldn't it make things easier to players to explain them how to do it the first time they acutally try it? Like just letting them a notice "hey, we have a fishing minigame, you should try it someday" and explain the things when you need to know it.

Another problem is you can't exactly review all the overwhelmed amout of information dropped, unless you search it online but who's gonna do it, the guy that just starting the game is probably to google how to get a refund than how to open that magical door in his 30 minutes of playing.

I said I'll compare it with genshin so for reference, so if anyone played, you know that the interface is not really a typical "there are 1000 buttons on screen and i have no idea what any of them does", where there are definitely harder accessible information in some sections of menu that the game doesn't directly tell you about, like archive, you can find anything you need, especially all the information from the tutorial itself carefully sectioned in a way you can find anything, also except the direct tutorial, in genshin you will not get any forced information about any feature until you acutally try it or get close enough to it so the game assumes you may want to try it.

Another problem would be the skills, which are not hard to understand but are definitely confusing and an element of pressure for other players, especially when you see you have limited skill points and you will not be able to max all your 50 skills, and probably you won't even know which ones you should rush first or in which to invest the most. I won't say genshin does it better, their approach seem to give 20 skills separated on 4 characters and make it a set, because if you look at it, it's exactly what it is, you play multiple characters but you do the same thing as in any mmorpgs, you're trying to strategically use the best combinations of skills you have at your disposal.. or just spam everything you see, both seem valid. There's a question of which one acutally gives more freedom to players, but the point is that mmorpgs are making some things too difficult to enjoy, unless again you're already a mmorpgs player. But that mentality isn't the best, as in their target are usually players that already are into mmorpgs, so instead of looking for more they're just trying to attract players from a game to another, and you can see how good that works by looking into BDO and how promising it was in it's release, and what it come to it today, does it still runs acutally? I don't know, cause i stopped playing it when it was still literally a paid game.

Third problem, which is not really a problem but for some it may, the server login. The thing that your account is locked on a certain server of million of servers is honestly bad, and a lot of mmorpgs love to make it, why it's bad, I'll get in with another point to tell both at once, acutally there are 3 problems.

First, the obvious you are forced to stay on one server, so if that server is overpopulated you may not log into it, if it's inactive you're gona be alone there, that seems kinda bad, especially since mmorpgs at least in theory should focus on cooperative play rather than solo.. and not being able to play on your main account cause the server is full is also pretty bad..

Second problem, again for the part of cooperative play as dungeons and so on, if you want to play with someone that's on a different server you literally have no way to play with them, your only bet is to make a new character on their server and grind from 0 (or in some cases like gw2 from level 80.. that thing is acutally a good example of creating a problem and asking money for it tbh, though the level boost itself is great don't understand me wrong, but the way to apply it in that specific case may not be the best thing you can do), so this is kinda a problem. Instead of having a limit of x characters per server, which i understand acutally why, is literally third problem and i'll get to it immediatly, but first, i think a more realiable solution for everyone would be to just have x characters in total with which you can connect to any server, ofc they should keep the regions locked, but they anyway do it, most of them have a primary american/european/asian/etc. server from which you can pick things like galaxy server, highground server, isoldmywifeforcrypto server and so on. Which is really messy, if anything i think mmorpgs should look into how club penguin used to be in 2010 and do their servers like it, you have one account.. in this case character, from which when you log in you can pick any server that isn't full, it's easy, it's accesible, you can play with your friends without worrying.

Third problem, and probably is definitely related to server population, the thing is, in mmorpgs even if you dont want, you'll meet people, you don't have the option to play alone, you could simply try to farm and from nowhwere a guy jumps in and obliterate all the wolfs you were trying so hard to kill and take the drops, then take his horse and run away in distance, that's a thing with mmorpgs in general, not the drop stealers, though i suppose those exists too in certain games, but the innability to not be alone, like completely alone on an isolated map from everyone else. Some players may prefer that, especially since being covered by 50 players around you will make your game laggier, but if you play a modern mmorpgs your pc probably can handle that. Anyway last thing again is a part of mmorpgs identity i things, there's no mmo if there aren't 50 guys around you at all time, telling you to trade their items or trying to scam you for items, which i don't mind. I'm just saying, being able to acutally be alone would be an intersting thing, and definitely would help people that are not yet confortable to interact with other players, not to say feel bad when they're level 20 and sees someone max level. Fun fact, in early months of bdo, acutally the game was already a bit in its months since on steam but i just started played it, i got into few pvps, obviously i had no idea what was happening, cause it's bdo and the only thing you must know is to access their pearl shop.

Anyway, not trying to bash mmorpgs, I'm just saying that those things are making the playerbase usually very restricted and limited, you can't say that anyone can get into, even if the game is great, and rarely some get popular, ffiv and other final fantasy, which is the only title i can think that acutally can compete with genshin.

Genshin got a global popularity really fast form it's realease, and it may be because of it's recent games, but so did bdo as compared to idk what previous works, the differnece is genshin is still as popular, while bdo got fast into a downhill. So not trying to say genshin is a great game, is definitely.. a bit less .. just a tiny bit less grindier.. but what it offers (except a gambling addiction) is making itself easy to play, anyone can get into it, literally anyone, you may not even like animes style and play it, you may not even like rpgs and get into it, the mechanics are not really hard to understand even if there are some complex ones, but you don't acutally need them, you just need op chars and weapons to be a god, but that's also true for mmorpgs.

So what I'm trying to say is, i think while genshin impact is just trying to copy lot of things from everywhere probably, i think some devs have something to learn from it, from what it offers, at least on interface. You may create the best game ever but if the players get too confused too fast they can't really play it, if you limit them too fast on a pearl shop after paying 60 dollars on it just to start the game or you won't let them to play with their character on a differnet server on same region you will not attract a lot of people, or at least you won't make them stay, and that's another problem with a lot of marketing on mmorpgs, which may kinda work for devs idk, but it seems like a lot of mmorpgs are made just to quickly milk as much as possible and then make another mmorpgs .. like making it on a year plan or something, which i don't really know how is working, i'm not really up to looking into the revues and things, but I'm sure a big popular game will make more money in 2 years than 2 separate games made during that timespan just cause first one failed really fast and now you're desperat to milk what's left of first and move on the second one.


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