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Why regional pricing is important and needs to be used by all gaming companies right now

I posted this in another gaming community sometime ago and I wanted to share my opinion (updated) with you guys too. Before reading this post, bear in mind the average income in the regions mentioned is lower than in US, for multiple reasons.


I live in Latin America and like some people already mentioned in several communities: gaming it's very expensive in the region. Either by the currency getting devalued, high taxes (not a huge problem like in the past, but still a issue) or both, these things make being a gamer in these countries a pain. This is a problem in other regions too. A solution for that was the regional pricing which had some success in Steam, protecting us from the currency devaluation. But this still a issue, especially when games get a price adjustment, costing more.

Thanks to the pandemic crisis, currencies in some regions got devalued and this situation isn't going to change soon, meaning gaming is now much more expensive than years ago. Most of gamers are not going to pay 50% more or even the double of price than before, neither paying a good chunk of their incomes (or their parents income) in a single game, especially in times like that. While it's understandable gaming companies will not have the same profit in comparison with USA sales for example, they need to know most of people are not going to afford the same price.

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Selling a game cheaper is better than selling zero and I like to mention another reasons for a regional pricing:

Fairer prices:

Different prices for different realities. We all know $60 in a game in the United States of America is one thing, the same $60 in Latin America is another. With regional pricing, companies can change the price according with the reality of the country, making it more affordable for the people. It's not fair gamers around the world paying the same price of the richest country of the world.

Better sales:

People in gaming markets often ignored by gaming companies or where the prices are too high often go into piracy route. And even those who don't go for that, ends up in mobile gaming because is much more cheaper in said regions. The price still a holding factor for many to buy games and the pandemic will hold them further.

It's a win-win situation:

Gaming companies have the opportunity to sell more, have their product being better known and get more fans. Also, gamers from these regions have a opportunity to afford their games and support their favorite companies.

In the end, having a regional price where the price didn't raise when the currency of the country gets devalued is important. It's more about making it affordable than social justice. High taxes is a problem but the currency exchange is the biggest one right now and regional pricing is one of the ways of tackling the problem.

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