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Why you should play Coffee Talk.

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I'm kinda weird about my tastes on games, it REALLY depends on my mood of that week, I mean, I could spend hours for some days into, for example, Dishonored 2 or The witcher 3 or any game, and then leave it for like 6 months, it doesn't matter the game (it happened to me even with 6 hour campaigns) but I enjoy that too, like Red Dead 2, or even Assassins Creed, but when I feel feed up with these "AAA super big summer hit hyper ultra 500 missions with world sized map" games I go to other things. Like short indie games. This is where I have my better experiences, when I start playing something and finish it in one sitting, it doesn't feel like a chore and that I still have 100 quests to finish, it's more like a experience, some examples are Oxenfree, Observation, After party and recently, Coffee Talk. The game is simple, you're a barista and your own coffee shop that only opens at night in a world where elves, vampires and other beings cohabitate normally The drinks are easy to prepare and there is not to much "gameplay" to it or choices to make with 5 endings or stuff like that, you're just a guy attending 1 to 3 customers at the same time, listening to their story's and how they interact with each other while there is Lofi hip hop music in the background. I think the principal reason of why I aprecite games like this is that they aren't made for you to "get addicted" to the formula or gameplay loop, but for to make you feel something specific, to, as I said, live an experience. Of course freedom in a game can be the main attractor to the majority, like build your own character and make choices in your story with a big map and a lot to explore, but at the end of the day, those games are made to make you feee that you can "play as you want", so these little games, that just want to tell you a story close to your heart, are imo the best experience I can have with a game.

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