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Windbound – Review Thread

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Game Information

Game Title: Windbound


  • PC (Aug 28, 2020)
  • Xbox One (Aug 28, 2020)


Developer: 5 Lives Studios

Publisher: Deep Silver

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 69 average – 39% recommended – 18 reviews

Critic Reviews

AusGamersSteve Farrelly – 6 / 10

And so that anxiety I mentioned, that fear of being too harsh hits home here because I <i>get</i> what 5 Lives has attempted with Windbound — I mean, who doesn't want to make a Zelda-like?.

CerealkillerzManuel BarthesGerman7.3 / 10

For an indie title Windbound does a lot right. Graphics and sound feels just right and despite islands being a bit small there is still a lot to do on them. The non existing story and the tedious controls of your own ship are the biggest letdowns of the game.

Checkpoint GamingElliot Attard5 / 10

I sailed into Windbound with hope and excitement and unfortunately sailed away with disappointment. It’s not all bad, not by a long shot. But there were enough confusing design decisions and awkward control issues to put me off this game completely.

Cultured VulturesMike Worby5 / 10

While Windbound initially instills the awe and wonder of a brave new world to explore, the game quickly grows stale once the structure of it becomes readily apparent.

Daily Mirror – Eugene Sowah – 4 / 5 stars

Quote not yet available

Explosion NetworkDylan Blight7 / 10

There’s a sense of achievement that comes with beating a game like Windbound. It may not be as difficult as something like Bloodborne, but it feels like you’ve run a marathon.

FingerGunsToby Andersen – 6 / 10

Windbound is a fun sailing game set in a world that’s different every time you play, but it’s a frustrating and punishing survival game at the same time. It’s highly likely to not be the game players expect it to be. Without any story or narrative to anchor it, the player is left adrift at sea without a raft.

Gamer's PalaceManuel EichhornGerman70 / 100

The central roguelite mechanic of the game is the weakest one and most frustrating – when you turn it off, Windbound is an enjoyable experience that's just held back by technical flaws. The story, however, partly makes up for that and Windbound has moments with the most remarking atmosphere.

Gamers HeroesBlaine Smith – 70 / 100

Windbound's visual appeal is sure to lure in players expecting an entirely different experience. That said, I grew to love a game that I initially couldn't stand. It's beautiful, charming, captivating, and completely brutal without apology. One of my favorite games of the year so far.

Gaming NexusEric Hauter9.5 / 10

Windbound is a delight. With a few UX issues and a bit of repetition holding it back from all-time-great status, this game is still a wonder to explore and discover. The sailing is fantastic, the island exploration is intriguing, and the sting of dying isn't so bad that it should scare away roguelike-haters. The world of Windbound is so well made that you may want to dip into it just to hang out for a while. Fun, exciting, and rewarding.

IGN ItalyAngelo BiancoItalian8 / 10

Windbound is a pleasant and not too challenging survival game, ideal for those who love the sea and want to explore incredible natural landscapes.

LadiesGamers.comPaula MooreLoved

The focus in Windbound is definitely more on the survival side, with you keeping protagonist Kara alive in this rogue-like game. The game also takes the survival genre in a new direction by providing endless replay-ability options thanks to the procedural world, and dynamic because of the modular craft you can build. As each time you play the size of your boat changes depending on what resources you can find on the islands, these dictate the type of boat you can build.

There is something quite satisfying about building your own boat and setting sail across the sea into unknown territory in Windbound. I’ve found the game to be very entertaining and a lot of fun to play. BurnsC+

While Windbound failed to shake my sails, being too repetitive and pressured, it should appeal to survivalists. Respect must be afforded to the interesting sailing mechanics, which elevates the exploration.

PowerUp!Leo Stevenson5.7 / 10

Windbound had a tonne of potential but the finished product is more Titanic or The Perfect Storm than a soothing day at sea.

Press StartJames Mitchell5.5 / 10

Windbound is a beautiful artistic accomplishment in terms of presentation, but fails to make good on its promise of bringing together an open-world single-player game and typical crafting-survival elements. Despite attempts to make it approachable for all, it is an ultimately frustrating affair that squanders its potential with the same rigid survival mechanics that we've seen in a lot of other games and that's a real shame.

SpaziogamesItalian7 / 10

Windbound is a good survival game, but it fails to deliver a real vibrant story and a good rhythm during exploration and crossing phases.

TheSixthAxisJim Hargreaves6 / 10

The barriers that Windbound puts up makes it a tough game to enjoy, at least initially. It will take time to appreciate what it brings to the survival genre with its clever boat-building and authored open world action, though these smart nuances often go hand-in-hand with tedious, sometimes frustrating stretches of playtime.

WellPlayedKieron Verbrugge6.5 / 10

Windbound throws a wide net of ideas in the hopes of catching something magical but a lack of depth leaves it high and dry


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