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Wish list prediction: GTA5 launches for PS5 with PSVR support, coinciding with the release new motion controllers from Sony

Content of the article: "Wish list prediction: GTA5 launches for PS5 with PSVR support, coinciding with the release new motion controllers from Sony"

A pipe dream? Maybe…maybe not. Let's look at what we know:

  • A PSVR2 headset is almost certainly at least a couple of years away. This means there will be a substantial period where any PS5-based VR titles will be designed with the original PSVR in mind
  • Sony has recently indicated a strong commitment to future VR titles, which means that we're likely to see some first party exclusives during this "pre-PSVR2, post-PS4" period
  • Sony has known from day 1 that the Move controllers seriously compromise VR movement. In hindsight, knowing that PSVR did find a foothold, they probably realize that they left millions in revenue on the table by not having robust motion controller support (and thereby limiting ports and potential hardware-selling killer apps)
  • Successor VR hardware has likely already been in development for many years, and some of the hardware for enhanced VR immersion (advanced haptic controller feedback, next-gen camera, custom 3D audio) will already be present in PS5 on launch day
  • Sony's agreement with Rockstar to prominently feature GTA5 as part of PS5's rollout seems a little stale in it's current form, however it takes on a new dimension (hur) when you consider the possibility of VR support
  • Rockstar has experience with open-world VR and PSVR thanks to LA Noire, and are likely very aware of the limitations of the current Move controllers. I doubt they would commit to VR-ifying a title as big as GTA5 either a) as a purely Dual-Shock game or b) with compromised controls based on the current Moves
  • There's no requirement that new motion controllers need to launch with the new headset. They could very easily come out beforehand, be supported by the PS5 hardware (for games using the PSVR1 headset) and simply continue to be used when PSVR2 arrives
  • Rockstar adapting GTA5 for VR with new motion controllers could make for smooth transition for GTA6 VR support on a new headset down the road, much in the way that LA Noire will have set the table for GTA5
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I have a strange feeling about this scenario. I simultaneously feel like there's a somewhat low probability that it will happen, while also being totally convinced that it will happen. Let's make even more bullet points to drive the idea home:

  • Because Rockstar's trajectory toward VR -specifically, using ports of older titles to adapt for VR- is already established, them aligning so closely with Sony in particular is interesting considering they are the only console manufacturer with any commitment to VR
  • While it would obviously make a ton of sense to launch new motion controllers alongside the PSVR2 sometime down the road, that would be a long period for PS5+PSVR to continue to languish in Move hell, especially considering how much PS5 can push the current PSVR in other areas. Dropping a visually stunning Blood and Truth 2 for holiday 2021 would be pretty freaking lukewarm if we were once again stuck with node-based movement
  • GTA5 would be the perfect killer app to drive sales of the new motion controllers considering that the game itself will be free for PS5 owners the first 3 months after launch. So if at that time you a) own a PS5, b) own a PSVR, then it would be fairly easy to justify the cost of the new controllers since you're essentially getting the game "for free". Building up a big base of "Move2" owners would lay the groundwork for future titles to support them
  • Having a big sell-through of "Move2's" (blegh) BEFORE the arrival of PSVR2 could lower the cost of entry for PSVR2. If manufacturing has already ramped up to scale meeting demand for the "Move2's" over the next couple of years, this could make it less costly a) for people who already own them to transition to PSVR2, and b) for new adopters to VR to afford a PSVR2 bundle, considering the controllers would be cheaper for Sony to manufacture. This is the same dynamic that happened with the current Moves + PSVR
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So what do you think? Am I right or am I right? Would you support Sony launching new motion controls in the near-term in order to make the current PSVR more viable in combination with PS5, or do you think they should just wait it out and drop something even more advanced for when PSVR2 arrives? Is GTA5 not the right game, at the right time, in the right partnership with Sony, for the Move-controller curse to finally be lifted? Would a PS5-powered, "Move successor with thumbsticks and Dual-Sense advanced haptic feedback"-controlled PSVR edition of GTA5 not be an absolute killer app for early 2021? Call me a prophet, because I'm convinced.


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