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With all the popularity Among Us is getting, i’m surprised no one is talking about its father, Space Station 13.

Content of the article: "With all the popularity Among Us is getting, i’m surprised no one is talking about its father, Space Station 13."

I know, calling it its "father" might be quite the exaggeration, but it is for sure a deep and more complex version of Among Us and was originally released back in 03 but has evolved significantly since then.

The premise is the same as Among Us. There are crewmen on a Space Station who must complete objectives in order to win, and there are traitors who have their own objectives to complete, which usually is killing the crew, but also as other objectives. The difference is that Space Station 13 has the depth and complexity of the Mariana Trench, and has DarkRP elements. To give an idea how complex and deep the mechanics are, look at this wikipage for just performing surgery on super injured/sick crew. Also, the round does not end until the captain, who is controlled by a player, calls the emergency shuttle and the shuttle leaves.

The main appeal is that because the mechanics are so deep, you can do a lot of cool things. You're a cook and need meat? Use the body of a dead Xeno player and use that meat. Traitor Chemist? Replace the Cryoxadone in Cryo tubes with Fluorosulfuric Acid to melt people put in Cryo tubes, or use potassium so when a doctor needs to put water in the Cryotubes, the whole thing explodes. Playing as a Malfunction AI and need to create chaos? Have your player controlled Cyborgs weld airlocks/doors shut, and starting pumping out all the oxygen in the rooms, or open ALL airlocks to deep space and watch shit hit the fan. Space Station 13 is just nuts.

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However, a fair warning. You do need to roleplay a bit in this game. There is no streamlined mechanics preventing players acting out of character things like non-traitors from blowing up the station, or captains refusing to end rounds, other than Admins. Servers are separated between Light and medium roleplay for different player taste. Light role play servers are short rounds where people generally just wanna complete objectives, while Med Role Play servers are much longer and are VERY similar to DarkRP in Gmod. Also, like I said, Space Station 13 is insanely complicated, and will be a turn off for a lot of people. Among Us is simple and streamlined, which is fun for casual players.

I encourage people to at least take a look at it if they want something deeper out of Among Us. Also, the game is free!


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