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Wizards and Warriors (NES) is the easiest game I’ve ever played.

Content of the article: "Wizards and Warriors (NES) is the easiest game I’ve ever played."

I picked up Wizards and Warriors for about $5 from my local game shop last week after a recommendation from SNES Drunk and promptly beat it in about an hour on my first go. If you know anything about the NES, you’d know that achieving such a feat on almost any game is a rarity. How did I do it you may ask? Well the answer is simple; there is literally no penalty for dying.

Now don’t get me wrong. This is a fun enough game. I enjoyed my hour or so with it enough that I’d do it again. The platforming controls are very tight, among the best on the console. The combat is easy to grasp. The bosses are fun and the levels are creative.

To be honest, if this game had a penalty for dying, or if you had limited continues, it would be among the hardest games on the console. Almost every enemy throws a projectile and they are coming at you from every angle. Combine that with the non-linear structure of the levels and the requirement for exploration and you’d be in for a hell of a trip. In short, I was getting hit from all angles almost non-stop at times and the levels were usually quite long. Having to reset to the beginning of a level would make completing this game a chore. However, that is not the case.

When I say this game has no penalty for death I mean it; no penalty. Remember when you’d plug in your game genie and set your character to invincible? It’s basically that. You’re player has 3 lives and unlimited continues. When you lose a life, you respawn where you died. When you use all of your lives, you’re brought to a continue screen. Where do you respawn after a continue? You guessed it, back where you died. So you can die as many times as you want and progress won’t be stalled for a second. The exception to this is boss fights where you’ll respawn at the start of the fight.

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For how cheap this game is, I think it’s worth a playthrough because it’s fun enough but don’t expect too much. Beating it won’t give you any sense of accomplishment because there is hardly a challenge. I imagine if I was playing this as a kid, the biggest challenge would be finishing the game in the hour or so my mom limited my video game time to.


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