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Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (PC)

Content of the article: "Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (PC)"

After Doom (2016) and the MCC I had a revitalised interest in single player shooters. So I grapped this double pack for a few euros on Steam. Spoilers ahead!

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Is a well made shooter. I found both the story and gameplay engaging. Shooting and movement felt right, it's a total power fantasy which is exactly what I want from a Wolfenstein game. In fact shooting stuff is probably the most important aspect of any shooter, and this nails it. Firing guns feels great and impactful. Not as good as Doom's, but close.

The artstyle is grotesque and sci-fi-ish, it disturbs just the right amount. I gotta give props to the writers, the satire (like the rewritten Beatles/60s hits songs) and the absurdity with the Moonbase or underwater Jewish labs were very enjoyable. I didn't know anything in advance, so seeing these were pretty great WTF moments. If anything, the amount of detail went into the world of Wolfenstein is almost as entertaining as shooting Nazis.

The bad aspects: dual wielding, which to me felt useless and unnecessary (I played on the 4th difficulty level in both games). It was clunky, especially with the weapon selection system. I often pulled out two guns when I only wanted one. The constant manual picking up o ammo from corpses felt a little tedious. And jumping on stuff isn't as easy, sometimes you'd just slide off of things. Which to me is weird, when you have props in a first person game, I want to jump on them!

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The other thing is, the game gives you a decision at the very beginning, so you have two timelines. I guess the creators wanted to give it some replay value. It's not there. I've looked up the differences between the Fergus and Wyatt timelines, there are basically none. The door opening minigame is different and some trophies are different.

All in all it's a real solid shooter game, but with very little replay value. I'd say it's worth around €10 if you see it on a sale.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Most of the things stand I said about TNO. However, this game puts a higher emphasis on stealth. Which makes it more memorable to me. I honestly enjoyed lurking around and killing Nazis with the knife more than straight on assulting with shotguns. My favourite parts were when the super-armored soldiers needed to be depowered before desassmebling them with a crowbar.

The supernatural element was also welcome, halfway through it transforms into a horror-lite game. The creepyness is something that lends itself to proper, 1940s Wolfenstein. It's also a shorter game, but it's somewhat more compact and doesn't overstay it's welcome.

Again, this isn't more than a €10 game.

Both of these games convinced me enough to give The New Colossus a shot!

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