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Would an Eve type of skill system work in a fantasy setting?

Content of the article: "Would an Eve type of skill system work in a fantasy setting?"

Hey all, so was just curious what your thoughts were about a time-gated skill / level up system similar to EVE in a fantasy type MMO setting.

For those who haven't played, Eve "leveling" is time gated, in that training new and existing skills takes real-world time. For example, getting "Mining II" can take maybe an hour. Not bad. But something like "Science V" might take up to 8 days to complete. Doing in-game activities doesn't grant experience at all, other than your own experience in becoming more efficient in it and getting knowledge on game mechanics and whatnot.

The way I see it, this has a few pros and cons:


  • Can prevent burnout from finishing content too fast.
  • Introduces scarcity. Certain crafts, abilities, etc. just take more time to achieve, so if you decided to spec into that are of expertise, your skills can become quite useful to others.
  • True specialization. Because of how many skills there are and how much time it takes to level them all, you can pick a specialization and more or less not touch other aspects of the game, if that is what you like to do.
  • Could possibly make botting much harder?
  • Allows casual players to still keep up with skilling and leveling, compared those who play MMO's as a full time job.
  • Could balance F2P players vs those willing to dish out cash. (I understand how EVE allows to buy skill boosters, but due to it being skill extractors, it kindof balances it?)
  • Fantasy type games have considerably more possible "skills" to achieve. Look at games like RS or WOW, etc.
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  • Some people might leave due to disinterest. Sometimes you get really excited to play some aspect of the game, only to realize you need about 6 days wait time for your skills to catch up.
  • Might not always be very thematic.
  • Can make in-game markets act a bit funky at times.
  • As the game gets older, it can become very very difficult to catch up with veteran players.

Anyways, just wanted to open it to discussion. I personally like the idea. I think that it adds a level of "Hey I've been around a while and am experienced" beyond wearing shiny armor, riding a shiny mount, and swinging a big shiny sword. Especially since MMO's are recently trying to be a combination of sandbox and traditional western MMO, with even eastern MMO sprinkled in.


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