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Would there be demand for a website for sharing and analyzing control binding preferences for games?

Content of the article: "Would there be demand for a website for sharing and analyzing control binding preferences for games?"

Hello all!

Do let me know if this is the wrong place for this; I don't want to clog your subreddit.

So I've recently been getting in to Rocket League; it's a competitive multiplayer soccer-themed car game that also has a decent e-sports scene (though I only play casually). As with most competitive games like this, the controller bindings you have are an important factor in your play style and how you improve.

If a player wanted to know the different bindings people are using (pros and casual players alike), you'll be met with something similar to this. I have a couple problems with this, though:

  1. A lot of people use the same bindings, repetition just leads to excess scrolling. Something more concise like: "Here's the binding, oh and by the way this is used by 30% of people sample," could fare better. Such a statistic could also help people immediately gauge popularity of certain bindings.
  2. Secondly, it'd be nicer to maybe see these bindings visually; similar to how many games already represent their bindings in their settings pages. Example.

So I was thinking maybe this is something other people have observed (but just dealt with). I was thinking if there could be a website dedicated to the sharing of bindings and other gameplay settings, it could solve this. Here's a walkthrough:

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Say I'm a rocket league player. I'd go to this site, and go to the rocket league section, where lots of rocket league players, pros and content creators have uploaded their bindings (and maybe other settings; for example in rocket league your camera settings also matter a lot). Bindings are automatically grouped to avoid repetitions and whatnot, and you can see stats on which ones are most popular, the strange outliers, etc. I could click on one to see more details, like the players that use it. I could also add my own bindings to the database, and I'd get a permalink to the page of my bindings to share with friends trying to improve who ask what my settings are. Content creators, similar to how youtubers share an amazon link to the equipment they use, could share this for the bindnigs they use.

This is just a passing idea I had last night; might be good or not; I dunno. I just know to treat ideas with some respect before throwing em away, you know?


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