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Would you mind sharing some ideas about what you want in a zombie game?

Some zombie survival games are great but there is always things left to be desired. I'm sharing some of my ideas of what an ideal zombie survival game for me would be like.

OPEN WORLD I'm thinking about open world but with contents and immersion like TW3 or RDR2 world, or even AMD's TWD universe.

SURVIVAL What I mean here is scavenging for things that are needed. Food and other neccesities. Moreover, a bit like of hunting and fishing would go a long way. Hunting like COTW might be awesome just to show how hard it is to track and kill for food over long distances. You might have shot a deer but it can flee for a bit into the woods before biting the dust. This means you have to venture further away from your safehouse, adding to the fact that your shot might have been heard by zombies possibly lurking around. Fishing may be a bit like what we had in RDR2.

RECRUITS You should be able to recruit some survivors who specializes in some specific skills. One example might be someone who can craft ammunition. The thing is to recruit them, you have to complete their side quests. I'm talking about detailed quests like the quests in TW3, let's say like The Wild At Heart quest but a bit longer. You can fail the quest too and your choices really matter. Choose poorly or fail, the chance to recruiting an ammo-crafting specialist might be gone forever, thus leaving you with scavenging for ammo as the only solution or pray that you find another such expert.

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WEAPONS You can look around for weapons or get some from trading with other survivors' camps. The durability system of guns should be taken into consideration but make it more real. It should not be like firing 4 magazines results in your guns being half damaged. Most guns nowadays can fire hundreds of rounds before jamming. You can disassemble your guns at anytime, whether at your base or where you make camp for a while or in a building you deem safe to clean the guns and or sharpen your blade. You can also visit gunsmiths, might be in your own base or other survivors' bases, to replace mag spring or recoil spring just to make your guns better overall and less likely to ever jam.

CHARACTERS You should have better characters with personalities. One might be impulsive while the other might be cowardly. They all react differently according to situations. Someone who has maybe a fear of loud noises might cower or make a mistake if the base is overrun by zombies. An impulsive one might go guns blazing and end up dead or maybe decrease the number of zombies around. As for the main character, it should be someone you can care about like Joel from TLOU and not randoms like in SOD series.

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This is all I can think of right now. Feel free to share some ideas what might be the perfect zombie survival game for you.


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