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Wrote Haikus for the pros and cons of each games I played in 2020.

Content of the article: "Wrote Haikus for the pros and cons of each games I played in 2020."

This was inspired by u/Teehokan ’s original post.

Dishonored 2 (Jan)- 8.5/10

Fun, replayable

Some levels have great design

Freedom in actions


Forgot the story

More bland levels than great ones

Close combat feels weird

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (Feb)- 7.5/10

Some cool set pieces

Great cameo at the end

Decent EA game


Cal Kestis is bland

Conclusion’s underwhelming

Game feels unpolished

Patapon 2 (March)- 8.5/10

Fun and unique game

Action-Adventure Rhythm

Love music? Play this.


It can get grindy

Minigames are frustrating

Bit repetitive

Sleeping Dogs (March)- 7.5/10

Accurate culture

Great story, setting, writing

Fluid, fun combat


Gunplay kinda sucks

Sadly, no plans for sequel

Forced racing levels

Red Dead Redemption 2 (March)- 9/10

Great performances

Great writing, plot, and music

Immersive world


Frustrating controls

Walk too far? Mission failed.

Gameplay is clunky

Bioshock 1 (May) 9/10

Shocking, immersive

Would you kindly play this game?

It’s a work of art.


Generic last boss

Can’t dual-wield guns and plasmids

It gets worse from here

Bioshock 2 (May) 8/10

Much improved combat

Cool premise for a villain

You’re a Big Daddy


Not enough new things

The DLC is better

Had no attachments

Bioshock Infinite (May) 6.5/10

Beautiful setting

Somewhat ties to the first game

Cool twist at the end


Worst combat of all

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Convoluted conclusion

DLCs’ better

Uncharted 4 (May) 8/10

Great performances

The best movie game I’ve played

Fitting conclusion


Dumb twist at the end

More of a movie than game

Gameplay got boring

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D (June)- 8.5/10

Dark and creepy tone

Innovative and unique

Ideal sequel


Feels dated of course

Got lost a lot; looked up guides

Not for everyone

The Last of Us 1 (June)- 9/10

Fun stealth and combat

Convincing relationships

Joel's a great protag


AI can be dumb

Guys with guns don't drop bullets

Ellie rarely helps

Witcher 3 + DLCs (June)- 9.5/10

Impactful choices

Lots of content; good replay

Best side quests ever


Gameplay feels clunky

Inventory management

Fall ten feet? You die.

Control (July) 7.5/10

Great physics combat

Setting and side quests stand out

For SCP fans


Ending was let-down

Boring enemy designs

Very shitty map

Bloodborne + DLC (August) 10/10

Trick weapons are dope

Epic music and boss fights

Lovecraft-goth world


Hitboxes are sus

Must watch VaatiVidya

Nothing else is bad

Dark Souls 3 (Sept- Oct)- 9/10

Lots of build options

Estus over blood vials

Useful bonfires


Hate managing weight

Uninteresting weapons

Farron Keep’s swamp sucks

Sekiro (Oct 25-Dec. 15)- 9.5/10

Polished progression

Streamlined combat and stealth play

Lot’s of shrine idols

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Low replay value

One choice cuts one-third of game

Terror is stupid

Alien: Isolation (Dec. 20- Dec. 24)- 9/10

Good AI system

Superb audio design

Immersive setting


Too much working Joe's

Didn't care for anyone

Needs more Alien

Doom 2016 (Dec 25-Dec 31)- 8.5/10

The soundtrack just slaps

Fun secrets and progression

Mindless run and gun


Didn’t draw me in

Not into FPS games

Good, but not for me

I am starting 2021 off with playing Nioh and maybe AC: Unity. What are you all playing?


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