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[WSIB] Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s about time, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Ghostrunner, Spyro: Reignited Triology

Cash Banooca 4: It's about time– I played a bit of the remake, a few levels from 2 and a lot from 1. I enjoyed my time with it, yet I still have a lot of gripes with it and I don't think it's perfect. Some times jumping feels a bit off, physics something feel yucky. And I didn't like the designs. But this one looks like it fixed every gripe that I had. I love good movement in games and platformers, and this one looks extremely fun. I am sort of a completionist myself, I recently started completing games I like so if I like this one so much I might complete it even though its absolute hell. And is it worth buying it for fun (maybe even completion), IF I know everything that happens in the game. Also as I said I like to complete games that I love, but I'll feel really bad if I want to complete this and I can't

Fallen Order– I love Dark Souls 3, not everything, but almost everything. I love the bosses, I love the enemies. I love the weapons, but I don't experiment much with other weapons. When I find a cool weapon I'll use it. I didn't like the weight system. I didn't like weapon requirements. I think the levels are cool, but some are too confusing on where to go. Sometimes I felt kinda clunky with the movements. I didn't like the fact that button presses get saved so if I press r1 two times, and dodge in between attacks, the next attack will play after the roll. I liked the estus and the saving system

Immortals Fenyx Rising– I played the demo and had fun. I love open world games, but they can't hook me sometimes (I enjoyed Far Cry 5, but after my first area I stopped playing). I love good combat, but I hate parrying.

Ghostrunner– As I said, I love good and fast movement in games, hell some of my favorite games of all time. Marvel's Spiderman, Doom Eternal. And Hotline Miami is my my favorite game of all time, but why do I mention that. The game reminds me of Hotline miami, but when I played the demo I felt kinda cheated sometimes, because of the first person view. This one seems a lot of fun tho (except the dumb and prolonged parts with no movement abilities)

*Spyro: Reignited Trioligy- I haven't played Spyro and I don't think I have even played a collectaton


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