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[WSIB] Doom Eternal, Jedi:Fallen Order, Control, Ghost of Tsushima, Hades

Doom Eternal– I loved 2016, I thought it was amazing. Combat is fun, yet I didn't experiment with all the guns. And when I picked an attachment I didn't bother changing it. I thought the story was perfect. I didn't care much about it, but it didn't push itself in my face. I liked the secrets, I didn't bother looking all around cause some of them are easily missable. The soundtrack is my favorite soundtrack of all time. I like the simplistic design of the UI. The locations felt repetitive and sometimes too moody.

Fallen Order– I love Dark Souls 3, not everything, but almost everything. I love the bosses, I love the enemies. I love the weapons, but I don't experiment much with other weapons. When I find a cool weapon I'll use it. I didn't like the weight system. I didn't like weapon requirements. I think the levels are cool, but some are too confusing on where to go. Sometimes I felt kinda clunky with the movements. I didn't like the fact that button presses get saved so if I press r1 two times, and dodge in between attacks, the next attack will play after the roll. I liked the estus and the saving system. I have never seen a starwars movie in my life

Control– I love combat like in control. I love flying around, pulling and throwing guys at eachother. Throwing shit at them. I loved the combat in Mass Effect Andromeda, and they have similar combat.

Ghost of Tsushima– I love old Japanese history and culture. I was so hyped when I saw the game. I think the combat looks nice, but I'm not 100% sure what everything does. It looks really fun tho. All the side things and stuff looks amazing.

Hades– I FUCKING LOVE ROUGELIKES AND ROUGELITES. This is absolutely my favorite genre of game. Everyday I would log on and play a run of Isaac or two. I love everything about it. My least favorite rougelike is Dead Cells. It's not bad and I don't hate it, but it didn't grab me like Isaac or Gungeon per se


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