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WSIB for a PC game that has a good feeling of progression and variety of build options

Content of the article: "WSIB for a PC game that has a good feeling of progression and variety of build options"

Hello, all. I'm looking to get into a new game. I'd like to find a game that I can sink a reasonable chunk of time into, and I am looking for something that gives you both a permanent sense of progression and allows you to use different playstyles or builds (preferably without having to roll another character for 15 hours before being able to actually try the new build). Co-op would be a great bonus, but isn't necessary.

Games that I've already played like what I'm looking for:

Warframe – got hundreds of hours in this, but I need to give it a break and let it build up some content. It's definitely the closest thing to what I'm looking for right now, though.

Remnant: From the Ashes – not a ton of content, as compared to many of the other games, but I really liked getting the various gear items and doing runs with different builds

Vermintide 2 – preferably wouldn't want something so focused specifically on the co-op part of it, but it was fun rolling through this game with the different characters and their various weapon types

Division 2 – lost appeal to me when enemies just all became bullet sponges, and it didn't really have that many build options, but it was fun for a bit

Payday 2 – bit of DLC overload, and there weren't actually all that many viable builds, but it had a bunch of guns and different ways to mod them (so… close enough, I guess, though it's still a bit too co-op focused)

Destiny 2 – a lot of stuff to like here in the story and for the first few hours, but I hate the (basically) required PvP and detest the seasons/FOMO model for long-term play

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Elder Scrolls Online – had some serious gripes with various parts (horse rider training, crafting, their DLC selling methods, etc.) but really liked the build options that you could run on a single character (at least by MMO standards, it was very flexible)

Games that I've played that I like, but aren't quite what I'm looking for:

Terraria – tons of hours in this, but I'm not feeling the building/mining aspect currently

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – one of my favorite games of all time, and it ticks the builds part, but it's not quite open-ended enough

RimWorld – so awesome, but not looking for a colony sim (would also prefer more action – haha)

Ark: Survival Evolved – don't really mind the building parts for this one, but don't want to have to spin up my own server, and definitely don't want to play on public servers

Hollow Knight – has progression and some light build options, but also not open-ended enough

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 – not really "builds" but it has different classes, guns, and cards to earn, and you can progress and unlock stuff, however I'm not looking for something multi-player/PvP-based

Borderlands – might have fit the bill better if you could somehow switch your character/class without starting over at level 1

Rogue-likes/Rogue-lites in general

Games that I haven't played, but don't seem like quite what I'm looking for:

Minecraft – somehow never played it despite 20+ years as a PC gamer (see Terraria notes)

Path of Exile – actually did try this for about an hour; not sure what it is, but the isometric ARPGs have never done it for me. I never caught the Diablo bug. Maybe I just never gave them enough time, but always found them extremely boring, with enemy types not seeming to matter at all, you just spam your rotation, clear out maps, and then move along (I guess that could be a way to summarize Warframe too, though, so maybe I'd be open to having my mind changed about this one).

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GTA V Online – (again, actually did play this one for a little bit) just can't stand playing with randos or how slow it is to earn money

Stardew Valley – I've heard a lot of good stuff, but not looking for a farming sim

Monster Hunter World – I'm willing to maybe have my mind changed about this one, but it just looked like long boss fights that you repeat over and over (I also tried Dauntless, and didn't love it)


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