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WSIB for an inexperienced gamer?

Content of the article: "WSIB for an inexperienced gamer?"

I wanted to get my girlfriend to play some games as to de-stress. PC or Switch.

Here are some of the preferences I've noticed.

  1. Something with a pleasing or cute aesthetic.

  2. Slower paced. If it's too fast she gets disoriented and it's hard for her to understand what happened.

  3. She loves puzzles and problem solving.

  4. Nothing mechanically challenging.

  5. Not too violently graphic or jump scary.

  6. Something with a definitive end. She stopped playing Animal Crossing because it became pointless to her after grinding it out.

  7. Story driven. It provides her with a definitive goal to work towards because sometimes she overestimates a games potential and overthinks things a lot.

  8. Some character customization she can work towards. She loves design and fashion.

Games she liked and why:

  1. Animal Crossing. It's zen and cute. She didn't like how slow it could be sometimes.

  2. Last Day of June. It was kinda cute and she enjoyed the puzzle aspect. The controls weren't anything too complicated so it was very accessible.

  3. Mario Kart. It was very fun and casual, but it did a number on my joycons so it's frustrating to play sometimes. 🙁

  4. Overcooked. She liked playing with others but it gets stale with just the 2 of us. I think the mechanics were fun for her and it wasn't super complex.

Games she disliked and why:

  1. Overwatch. Its a fast paced shooter

  2. Portal. She actually kinda liked Portal but it slowly became more disorientating for her and she wasn't really used to using a mouse to look around.

  3. Minecraft. Its not her aesthetic and she doesn't want to look at it for too long haha.

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Games I was considering off the top of my head

  1. Firewatch

  2. Subnautica

  3. Life is Strange

I know i asked a lot but I'm kinda out of my element here, any and all recommendations are appreciated. Thanks peeps

Edit: I don't expect a game to match all of her preferences. I'd just prefer games that share some of those features.


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