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wsib from the Tales series?

Content of the article: "wsib from the Tales series?"

My experience with the two games from the series I've played, incase it helps make better recommendations

I got Berseria from humble bundle a couple years back and I absolutely fucking loved it, easily became one of my all time favorite games. Amazing storyline within a lengthy campaign that lasted a while but didn't feel too drawn out, and mostly great characters with decent voice acting and not that many cringey scenes, though there were still a few throughout. The arte system was kinda difficult to figure out at first in terms of configuring attack combos, but once I got the hang of it, loved the combat as well. The exploration was the only thing I found left something to be desired, since most of it was just running around and occasionally jumping across some rocks.

Then recently, I bought the definitive edition of Vesperia, and… couldn't even get past an hour of it before deciding to put the controller down. The controls in-battle were very unresponsive, I also wasn't really liking the combat system at all either, mostly due to the control scheme. It was also instantly evident to me that it's one of those rpgs where there's only one audio line for everything, especially in the first battle (that you can actually win, not the tutorial battle that's scripted to be unwinnable without you knowing that it's scripted or unwinnable) with the guard's hurt sound effect. I'm sure this is present in Berseria as well at times if listening for it, but I never really noticed it in either of my playthroughs. On the note of the voice acting, other than Troy Baker as the MC (or Grant George, I still have no idea what the details are about Yuri's VAs in the definitive edition), I found the overall voice acting to be noticeably subpar and almost monotonic at points. I'll likely try to give it another shot before requesting a refund, but if I'm still getting responsiveness issues with the controls in-battle, that's pretty much gonna be it.

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TL;DR – Loved almost everything about Berseria, played an hour of Vesperia, really disliked the combat, voice acting was really offputting, game overall felt very half-baked just within that first hour, thinking about refunding it.

That said, I've seen the series as a whole gets a lot of praise as pretty solid rpgs and I'm in the market for a good long story, so figured why not see what it has to offer?


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