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WSIB – Games that are better than the famous Destiny 2 ?

Any games that are bettter than the famous Destiny 2 ? Do you think there's any better games than Destiny 2?

Want to see if there's any better games than Destiny 2 (or any of the other games you played of your choice)

Interested in hearing what makes that game better + worst than Destiny 2 (or any other games you want)

Just list everything of why it's better and explain what makes those things better

Heres some info to help you

D2 is the best mmorpg better than warframe or diablo for anyone that wants to shoot and kill things

It's basically scifi diablo. Graphics so much better. Did a little D2

Main game modes are:

  • Pvp ("crucible")
    • It's like halo infinite + call of duty + battfield 2043 + overwatch combined
    • There are teams like in overwatch
  • Pve ("Vanguard")
    • It's like any other mmorprg
  • Pvp ("gambit")
  • Is anything missing I should add?

Not sure how matchmaking is

Pvp is said to be Toxic but not sure if more toxic than any other PvP games, it's probably much less toxic than league and other pvp games

Great for any casual players best mmorpg for anyone that wants to shoot and kill things

Oh all this is FREE btw

Starting experience isn't good

  • Lots of unexplained mechanics,
  • Starting experience is said to not 'resemble full experience in slightest.'

Your level is call a "power level"

  • Getting to lvl 1270 takes about 25-30 hours of doing the same thing over and over
  • Great for any casual players best mmorpg for anyone that wants to shoot and kill things like other games where you do that
  • Once you get to lvl 1270, seems like there's a 1001% increase in xp needed per lvl (not sure does anyone know? )

There are 3 classes in this mmorpg – just like in warframe how surprising

  • With 2 subclasses each
  • And 3 if you want to paid real money like others do for this great great game

If you don't like to shoot and kill things then play another game like warframe

If you want to pay for game, you can do that also:

  • content you paid for can and will disappear sometime in the future.
  • The Forsaken campaign will leave in February.
  • Previously we’ve lost 3 campaigns, 2 dungeons and 5 raids.

All Info above is from 3 best comments on

Some other info

Here's my attempt at breaking it down:

PVE have differing time commitments, often based on how good your team is and how well you coordinate. In Warframe, there's various types of missions and Destiny has a similar system in place.

  1. Raids are the upper echelon of PVE content, they have a universal recommendation of a full 6 man group, however, some can be done with less but this should not be considered the norm. They involve "mechanics", puzzles and fighting enemies, as well as bosses that are more complex than "Shoot at him". These can take anywhere from around 40 or 50 minutes to multiple hours, highly dependent on your group's familiarity with the content and execution of the mechanics.
  2. Dungeons are what I consider a step down, max group size is 3 but they are all doable solo, however, again, this isn't really the norm and there is in-game recognition of this achievement. These involve mechanics and bosses as well but are a step down from what Raids involve. My experience with them, they routinely take 30 to 40 minutes but may take more depending on your group.
  3. Strikes are the casual pve format, and take around 10 to 20 minutes depending on which level it loads up in the playlist. These involve your basic shooting and killing, easy but there is loot.
  4. Nightfalls, harder Strikes essentially, with "Grandmaster" Nightfalls being the capstone difficulty. These include variant enemies that require loadout changes to handle, as well as modifiers that change gameplay.

Each of these have their own sets of loot to obtain, somewhat similar to Warframe. Raids and Dungeons have loot specific to the one you complete, Vault of Glass is a raid and you get specific Vault of Glass loot that only drops there. Strikes, however, being a playlist of various levels, reward loot from a shared Strike loot pool. Nightfalls also have an additional loot table that's added onto the strike loot pool.

Now, PVP is similar, but I'm definitely not an expert on it. However, the key points are, you build your character in Destiny based on loot from anywhere, PVP or PVE, and can use it anywhere too. Any gun with a specific set of stats also has those stats in PVP. You have what you take in, you don't find guns and use them in the middle of a match like older shooters, but you don't risk your gear or anything like that. The gamemodes are fairly standard for shooters, there's no Battle Royale or MOBA style modes though. You get loot at the end of matches and for ranking up, which you do by completing matches. In my experience, they take 8 to 10 minutes to complete. -NekoNekoNi

Other good info

  • Trying to get new people to play the game be like:
  • This is good to see if a weapon should be sold r/sharditkeepit
  • This is good if you want to read books and dont want to play games r/DestinyLore
  • Good for secrets r/raidsecrets/
  • One of those fashion sites all the mmorpg games has r/DestinyFashion
  • This is not true: "Destiny 2 is the most user-unfriendly, impenetrable game I've ever encountered"


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