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WSIB: (Horizon Zero Dawn AND Risk of Rain 2) OR (FAR CRY 4 OR 5) OR (Nier Automata)

Content of the article: "WSIB: (Horizon Zero Dawn AND Risk of Rain 2) OR (FAR CRY 4 OR 5) OR (Nier Automata)"

I only have 20$ for these games, which combination should I buy? Or should I wait for a better sale? and which ones should I buy if it gets a better sale? Which price do you reccomend?

NIER AUTOMATA (20$): I love what I've played of the Nier Automata Demo, the fast paced combat, the beautiful world design, the large over the top bosses, as well as the lore that it apparently has, I haven't spoiled myself by watching the story.

HORIZON ZERO DAWN (10$): Horizon seems like it would be cool, but I can't help but feel like it would just be an "okay" experience. The climbing is very limited, the world itself ( from what I've seen) looks barren, I must say it looks beautiful but graphics alone won't keep me interested, actually it does very little for me really. The combat also looks pretty repetitive, the stealth looks pretty basic, and I feel like traversing along the map will take a long time and not be fun but rather be a chore.

BUUUUT I've heard people say that the game surprised them and turned out to be actually good and I wonder if it will be the same to me? After all it does fit into the kind of genres that I like, Stealth, Open World, Action, I also love bows, and people act like it's one of the greatest games to come out in the last few years, so can anyone convince me if it is?

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RISK OF RAIN 2 (10$): Not gonna say much about this one, it looks absolutely phenomenal and I think I'd really enjoy it, the replayability is high, the classes are rather varied and interesting, and the mods you can pick up look so cool, also if it's better than "Risk of Rain 1" I know I'm gonna love it.

FAR CRY 4 (20$) OR 5 (15$): "Far Cry 5" also looks pretty barren for the most part, and the location looks boring (no offense to those who live there, I'm sure it's much better outside of video games). The driving looks awesome and is probably my favourite part, as well as the random encounters, but the bases look simple, and the shooting looks "okay" the game l


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