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WSIB – JRPG to Unwind at Night

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I'm not usually a huge turn-based JRPG fan (last one I genuinely enjoyed was the Chrono Trigger DS port), but lately I've been craving a good, mindless JRPG to play before going to sleep. I have access to a 3DS, an iPad, and a Switch (although my gf recently fell down the BotW rabbit hole so that's temporarily out of the equation). Here are my current thoughts:


SMT IV – This one seems the most appealing to me. I typically get bored of JRPGs for one of two reasons: either the combat is waaaaay too easy, or the story/dialogue is horribly written. From what I can tell, SMT IV seems to offer a unique story with an actual challenge. However, I'm worried that it might be a bit too punishing for a game to play right before going to sleep. I've read that save points in particular are relatively sparse.

Persona Q – The dungeon crawling in the Etrian Odyssey games always seemed appealing to me, but the artstyle is incredibly off-putting. Persona Q has a much more tolerable artstyle. How difficult is it compared to SMT IV? I don't mind battles where you actually have to think, but backtracking when you lose a battle sounds incredibly tedious to me. Does Persona Q have this same issue?


Dragon Quest V – Currently top of the list in the iPad category. I've been wanting to try a Dragon Quest game for a long time, and this one seems like the best place to start with on iPad. My main concern is the difficulty. Will it be too easy? Also, how does it handle on iPad?

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Final Fantasy IX – My favorite JRPG from when I was a kid. I would mainly pick this up for nostalgia's sake. Same questions as above with Dragon Quest. Also, which game has more side activities? I love getting sidetracked in games and finding random stuff to do (e.g., the card battle mini game in FFIX).

The Word Ends With You – I've always wanted to play this game, but I heard it's better on DS. Would it be worth it to pick up on iPad, or should I get it on DS/Switch instead?


Dragon Quest XI – Eventually, I'll definitely want to play Dragon Quest XI. I was going to wait until the complete edition released on PC, but having it in a more portable form sounds really appealing to me. How are the load times on Switch? Do you think it's worth waiting for the PC edition solely for faster load times?


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