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WSIB on PS4 – looking for linear (no open world) story-focused games without grinding

Content of the article: "WSIB on PS4 – looking for linear (no open world) story-focused games without grinding"

My friend and I play single-player PS4 games together, and I’m looking for the next thing for us to play together. Generally speaking we’re looking for something that really emphasizes story and optimistically with great graphics. A good balance between combat and non-combat sections would be awesome.

Some more details: I’m more of a gamer than she is so we generally have a switch-off strategy where I’ll do the shooting/stabbing/punching and she’ll do everything else. We’ve played both TLOUs, Uncharted 4, God of War, A Way Out, and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice together and loved them all. She did not like Death Stranding because she thought it was too boring and confessed a dislike of open-world games in general (she thinks they feel too much like wasting time), so I’m looking for something with a linear structure and no open-world elements. Would also be happy with good local co-op games that are story-heavy (she doesn’t like Borderlands because it’s just looting and shooting, or Overcooked because it’s too stressful when she’s playing too). She has also expressed that she’s not interested in Persona 5 for various reasons, I think largely because it’s more of a roleplaying game than a linear story, if that helps. I have Divinity 2 but she’s also not interested in that – I think she’d probably prefer something with more cutscenes. I personally enjoy Telltale games but don’t know how fun those would be with another person. I’ve seen footage from Detroit: Become Human but it has for some reason never appealed to me, I think because ironically it seems too gameplay-lite for its graphics.

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I’m thinking maybe a Quantic Dream game but I’ve heard that the story can get cringey at times, although they are currently on sale. I’m also considering some horror staples like Outlast (I already own the RE2 remake and she seems on board with that) but am unsure of how compelling they are. We did really enjoy the more horror elements of TLOU2 though and just like horror in general, so I think generally that’s a good bet.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!


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