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[WSIB] Online game that’s fun solo, or with friends.

Content of the article: "[WSIB] Online game that’s fun solo, or with friends."

Looking for a game that I can get lost in, and enjoy, both by myself, or with friends.

I have a tendency to want to keep playing games, but often times when my friends dip out for a bit, I just lose interest, and realize that while I enjoy parts of said game, there isn’t enough for me to enjoy playing by myself. I want to find a game that I can enjoy playing for an extended period, with, or without my group.

I do have musts for a game to keep my interest.

Character creation / Customization. A game doesn’t hold my interest if I can’t put my own character in it’s world. Must include at the very least hair/color, skin color, gender choice.

Always online multiplayer. Must be able to join friends, and sessions can’t just die when one of us logs off.

Things I enjoy:

Trying to earn and craft cosmetics, that changes how my character looks, but doesn’t have to have stats attached to it. Examples: Monster Hunter, GtaO, PSO2, most mmo’s.

A world that has places to explore, climb, good graphics to enjoy. Examples: The climbing/flying of DCUO. The climbing in towns in BDO. The Open Seas of Sea of Thieves. A game set in a living world. I enjoy urban exploration, in cities that have people in them. Either npc’s, players, or a mix.

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Decent graphics, and non-pixelated style. I don’t enjoy games like terraria, minecraft, due to the aesthetic. I don’t think I’m a snob, but I prefer a different art style.

Third person. It can have both 1st/3rd, but I prefer 3rd.

Controller support. I know I play on pc, but I enjoy playing most games with a controller.

Ideas for a game that I’m thinking I may enjoy (but somehow haven’t found yet.):

A space game. I love the idea of exploration, and space travel, but the only games I’ve found in the genre are either unenjoyably complicated (elite dangerous), or the focus isn’t at all on the space travel, but on the grind instead (no man’s sky).

A sports game (not made by ea/2k), that's fun to play online with or without friends, and isn't rocket league?

A game with some sort of player home/place to enjoy. Customizable vehicles/ships/boats/planes all work as well.

A slice of life game where the main point isn't combat. Like animal crossing or stardew valley with more of an emphasis on online components.

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Must Nots: Complete P2W economy. Subscription model, or an inventory so shallow that it essentially forces a sub. (DCUO) Must not be dead. No point in trying to get into a completely dead game. Min community 200 concurrent players on steam on average.

Games I’ve already played: Apb reloaded, Bdo, blackwake, code vein, conan exiles, divinity original sin 2, elite dangerous, empyrion galactic survival, Eso, god eater, kurtzpel, maplestory 2, monster hunter world, ps02, pubg, rocket league, saints row, vindictus, warframe. Rdr2, gta o, guild wars 2, tera, dauntless, remnant from the ashes, for honor.

Lastly, I have android, and Nintendo switch as well, if they have any games that work for this.


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