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WSIB PC: Rant + I need a game that can keep me interested in finishing it

Content of the article: "WSIB PC: Rant + I need a game that can keep me interested in finishing it"

Kind of a rant more than actual suggestion, I hope someone can relate:Background: I played mostly AAA titles. The problem is, I have a busy life and my time is limited , so I have at best 3 hours a day that are interrupted all the time.I'm motivated to by either unique gameplay or engaging story My problem is I can't stick to a game, The problem comes out of mediocre story ( I used to read fantasy novels a lot) or repetitive gameplay. I used to play RPGs, shooters action linear games. The problem with RPGs is I'm tired of decision fatigue or inventory management, and mostly I hate repetitive fetch quests, I play assassin's creed just because of my previous investment in it, I tried to play the new ones and couldn't finish the story. I tried Prey, Metro exodus was nice but didn't keep me playing. Witcher 3 was nice but too long. I don't know if this is growing up or games are not as magical anymore.

I can't finish games like I used to.I'm looking for quality short games instead of over inflated mediocre quality. Since I can't find new experience in gameplay, I end up playing Multiplayer FPS, like Apex legends because they compensate the generic game play with the competitive nature.

Games I used to adore but can't click now for some reason:Skyrim, Dragon Age Origins, Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia, GTA, Warcraft, Age of Empires, Starcraft, Anno 1404
More recent exceptions that managed to complete:

  • Titan Fall 2: Linear, interesting world
  • Metro 2033, Last light: Powered through because I wanted to play exodus, can't continue playing exodus
  • Resident evil 2 with god mode(easy) because it was linear, telling a story.
  • Mass effect trilogy played sometimes and stopped but powered through because I liked the story development.
  • Inside: Generally I hate platformers and puzzles, But this is the most engaging one of the listTL; DR: I need a unique story and/or easy learning curve and/or engaging enough to invest time to learn the game.
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