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[WSIB] preferably mmorpg/mmo-lite, but not too picky.

Content of the article: "[WSIB] preferably mmorpg/mmo-lite, but not too picky."

I have spent a good amount of the qurantine playing guild wars 2, but honsetly I'm having trouble finding enjoyment in the classes at this point so I'm trying to see if there is anything else out there for me.

I tend to enjoy playing the support/healer classes/roles so I would very much like something with some fun options for that, whether it be pve or pvp.

I enjoyed the fractals (endgame dungeons for 5 players) more than raids, the mechanics and dialouge were in my opinion much better. Tho it doesn't say much for those unfamiliar but I prefer to manage/deal with mechanics rather than spending a few minutes hitting a high hp enemy with some mechanics, which are even straight up ignored sometimes.

I played destiny 2 from launch until forsaken, I very much enjoyed the raids from year 1, wasn't happy with the prestige mode of the raid lairs and the bugs in them (especially the ball on the last one) but they were very enjoyable besides that. I stopped because I didn't like the direction the game was taking and there was definitely some burnout as well. I haven't heard anything about it since that makes me want to return.

I have played some the division 2, it's a bit too much about the right stats and right items for my taste but casually it has still been enjoyable.

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I have also played terraria, dark souls 3 and bloodborne, enjoyable games but I don't think I can squeeze much more out of them.

I am not interested in:

WoW, because I tried that a long time ago and I reached 50-60 on a priest and found it dull.

Warframe, I know people say it's great but it's too much about getting items and I don't like the freemium like mechanics (crafting an item takes hours but can be bypassed with real money is the example I remember)

ESO, It feels super clunky and generally just boring.

PoE, never could get much into it.


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