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WSIB Something to replace The Binding of Isaac.

Content of the article: "WSIB Something to replace The Binding of Isaac."

I got really hooked on the run-based roguelike feel, the huge item variety and crazy synergies, and the simple-but-sometimes-demanding gameplay of Binding of Isaac. I also really loved the idea of hearts, bombs, keys, and pennies acting as a kind of singular currency system for spending/gambling/exchanging between them via things like beggars, slot machines, blood banks, etc. That added so much decision-making to the monotony of just running around shooting things.

But, I'm trying to find something to replace it, as it honestly just makes my religious wife too uncomfortable for me to play (she's used to me being into dark stuff, but Isaac is downright blasphemous at times). I have a PS4 and a Switch.

I have put a little bit of time into Enter the Gungeon and Risk of Rain 2, but for some reason neither are really grabbing me the same way.

Gungeon has great pacing to it thanks to the teleporting pads that all but eliminate backtracking, but I'm not feeling a lot of synergy; it's mostly just picking up and swapping between different guns, and the runs all feel very similar to each other.

Risk of Rain 2 seems neat and is satisfying at times, but I'm already getting tired of the environments since there are so few and the layouts never seem to meaningfully change. I'm also not sure the third-person shooter framework is my favorite, and the enemy combinations aren't making it very interesting. I kind of prefer the room-by-room design of Isaac as opposed to these big open maps. Lastly, RoR2 is designed around hurrying and optimizing your time, which is a touch too stressful for me I think.

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Is there anything else that could fill the Isaac-shaped hole in my gaming time? I hear good things about Nuclear Throne, Dead Cells, Neon Abyss, etc. What do you guys most recommend and why?

I also already own Downwell and Spelunky as well, which are very cool but not really doing the trick either (Downwell is too short and there isn't enough variety of items, and Spelunky just doesn't feel that great in my hands and again, lacks variety of feel from run to run since it's mostly about just staying alive).



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