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WSIB What game fits me?

Content of the article: "WSIB What game fits me?"

Hello, there's alot of good games in the switch, however i'm scared to find a game that will not worth my time, so i really hope that you guys will find 3 game that i should potentially really like!

I like games that have a long gameplay,. I also the kind of guy that doesn't rush in a game, like i don't continue my mission until i find some cool and fun stuff behind the mission. So after completion may be something like 150+ hours.

I don't like games that can just be extremly repetitive, i find games boring if it's just like doing the same thing again and again, animal crossing is not extremly repetitive, it let you make whatever you want, it let you make something not planned by the game but not like in mario odyssey, it's extremly repetitive, all you do is catch moons and search like a god everywhere, every moons, i wasn't very satisfied the fact that the game is just… moons moons and only moons.

I like games that give a spicy challenge to us, that make you want to beat it and happy when you finished it (only when there's a good reward for it haha!)

I do not only likes games that want our deaths but also a relaxing and fun gameplay is also what i need on a videogame, everything in life have something to discover you, well same thing with video games and theres always something that awaits you to go.

I likes catchy songs on video games, it's that part of the game where it make you want to keep playing it and it make you more enjoying the game!

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I don't care about the graphics of a game, the most essential part is if you think you're having a good time on the game, it means you already love the game, like mario maker 2, you see only pixels but look how many things you can do on this game, or even paper mario : the origami king, it's only papers, ridiculious bosses but the gameplay can felt very fun and nice with alot of possibilites. The story of a game shows you what awaits you in that game, how that game look, its also important but not that much ya know… If you love the concept of the game, then dive yourself into the game. For example super smash bros ultimate, the story mode here is not really "WOW" but the concept of the game can like for some players.

My favorite type of game may be sandbox, what i mean by sandbox is when finishing a game, you can always visit that game if you're bored or if you got a superb idea that you think it'll be alot of fun to make, you can make something that you always dreamed… I think it is the case for Zelda: BOTW, it is not considered as sandbox but it's the same thing. Basically, an endless experience.

I do not like system of combat of MMORPG/RPG/JRPG. I'm also not a fan of JRPG games so Fire Emblem and Xenoblade Chronicles is not made for me.

The games i have right now are : Super Mario Maker 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Animal Crossing : New horizons… and that's it. Thanks for reading that massive long text, please tell a comment about the game that you're suggesting me, especially 3 games please and telling me why it is considered as everything i said in this post, again thanks and i hope getting my new future game, see ya guys!

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