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WSIB Witcher 3 GOTY + which one of these options?

Content of the article: "WSIB Witcher 3 GOTY + which one of these options?"

First post here, so bear with me. Also, apologize for anything that isn't according to rules or explained as it should be.

So W3 GOTY is on sale and it's literally the game I've been waiting for. I played both 1 and 2 (own them on Steam) and I loved the games. I'll be picking it up for sure.

My "problem" is: there are other interesting titles on sale and I can afford a couple more BUT, I have no idea what to choose.

The following games are what I'm most interested in:

Assassin's Creed Origins:

I've seen some stuff from AC Origins and I kinda liked the RPG vibe they went with.

I've played all AC games up to Black Flag. Haven't played Unity, Rogue, pretty much any PS4 ones (Black Flag was also on PS3) for some reasons:

– Didn't really like the way they went with the story

– Couldn't afford them back then.

– Only thing that's not convincing me it's the lack of DLC sale. DLC's on AC games are usually a nice addition, with enjoyable stories and such. But this time, only the main game is on sale and DLC is kinda expensive (for me).

Diablo III:

I mean, it's D3. I've played alot of D2 back in the day and very recently. I always loved it and haven't bought until now for a couple reasons:

PoE exists, it's free and much more complicated/intricate/active.

Apparently the community is very extreme on opinions? Almost every review I see is either very good or very bad, no inbetween. Plus, from what I've seen, people say that it gets boring fast if you soloplay, which it's what I intend to do.

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Darkest Dungeon:

Probably my favorite one on the list, after W3. I've played it before, very early on, where there wasn't even any DLC. The game evolved nicely and I find it very enjoying. I usually go on a cicle of: play until I hate it, drop it for a week, go back and play until I hate again.

Main reason to not buy it: it's not on sale. And I think it just had a sale (early July or something), so it's not coming back anytime soon.

What I can buy:

Witcher 3 GOTY + Darkest Dungeon

Witcher3 GOTY + Assassin's Creed + Diablo 3

I know it would "be better" to just buy 3 games instead of 2, but hear me out:

I'll be (hopefully) starting college soon. Not like, right now, but very soon. I most definitely will not have much play time (if any), so grinding isn't really what I want right now. Also, if I end up playing, I'll most likely alternate between different types of games, which makes it hard if I get W3 + ACO + D3, since they're all very similar RPG's.

In general, just wanna know what's the "best" option. From the 3 options, I know I will enjoy playing Darkest Dungeon the most. But I just know other people's input and perspective on this.

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