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WSIB with badass archery?

Just recently rewatched the battle of bastards in Game of Thrones where Ramsay has a gigantic longbow and is actually a master shot with it. I just like the charismatic, power emitting pose and stance he took. Slightly reminded me of my years in Guild Wars 2 where I had a half-giant (forgot their names, really tall humans) hunter women character who was absolutely radiating the same kind of power with all the body stances and the overwhelming advantage the giant longbow provided in PvP warzones or against world bosses where you could be the guy who stands above all on a Lion King rock to oversee the land, and pick your target from there that was then nailed to the ground by the sheer force of a longbow arrow striking it down like god's thunder. If you played Dark Souls 3 and remember the knight armored archers that shoot spears at you from the roof and how terrifying it was to even look up in search for them around every corner…

… I want to play as that archer.

I rarely enjoyed archer classes in games so far, Guild Wars 2 worked out nicely (though I'm DEFINITELY not playing an MMO ever again) and Dragon Age Inquisition where animations and audio made it feel incredibly powerful and I had teammates tanking so I did not need to worry about constant kiting, backing and throwing traps. That feels tricky, and that has it's own attractiveness in a rogue class, but I'm looking for the stand proud and be immovable type of experience.

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I often feel like the last 3 AC games (I own Odyssey and Origins) could provide this, with all the cool armor skins and big bows, but I'm landing headshots that take half health off a common soldier and they raise a worldwide alarm instantly, or I use special magical arrows that kill by one shot which would be nice if it would feel organic, natural, like a proper headshot is my success, a missed shot is my failure, but a guaranteed kill by a high level gear and magical skill is not the same because it doesn't allow you to be an archer, it's a nieche build thing that you need specific gear for to even headshot kill common enemies.

Singleplayer only, PC.


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