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WSIBPC if I am returning to pvp games after about 9 years?

Content of the article: "WSIBPC if I am returning to pvp games after about 9 years?"

Like the title says I am curious what games you would recommend that seem to have a good player base both in numbers and community. When I used to play games the Battlefield games were my favorite (2, 2142, Bad Company 1+2) but the most recent ones don't seem to be as popular or as "loud" in the gaming world. I also used to play All Points Bulletin, Pay Day, E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy, and Red Orchestra to name a few.

The reason I left was just due to having a friend who made the experience miserable and me getting worse over time as I got busier and busier. The friend I used to have was big into CoD (I am not a fan of it) and would go ballistic sometimes. I watched him scream as veins popped out of his neck and even smash windows. Just completely ruined it for me, it wasn't fun to play so I stopped. The main reason was just that I would get into a game that had been out for a while and just get decimated, like 1 and 30. I never really was able to get into it because it wasn't enjoyable, just me getting fucking atomized as soon as I hoped to see a thing or pull a fresh magazine out of my military grade fanny pack. My issue is I really did completely walk away from pvp games so I am not sure what is big now and enjoyable to play. I am pretty clueless when it comes to this part of gaming now so some recommendations and thoughts would be appreciated.

Now the things I did enjoy was when you actually got a functioning team/squad working together and even while losing you would sometimes make these amazing but stupid plans that work out. I enjoyed games that were really fun to be in, Battlefield for example was just enjoyable going around and blowing stuff up even if you were playing poorly that round. I played the Titanfall campaign and I would say that is another example since just moving around the world was fun. I enjoy games with a twist whether that be the theme or a mechanic, I don't want to play Shooterman 7: The Reloading™. While it may sound a bit backwards after what I previously mentioned I do prefer games where a mic is not needed. In Battlefield you had pings and shouts you could work with. While mics made the experience even more fun when playing with friends I often don't talk to people when playing by myself. In other words I am open to it but it's a better recommendation if it's not needed.

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That's it really, any thoughts are welcome, thanks in advance.


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