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WSIBPC/PS4/Switch An easy SRPG/Turn Based Strategy to learn “strategic thinking”.

Content of the article: "WSIBPC/PS4/Switch An easy SRPG/Turn Based Strategy to learn “strategic thinking”."

Available Consoles: PC, PS4, Switch.

As for what kind of game i mean exactly: So far i've tried FF Tactics, Fire Emblem (Both Awakening and Three Houses), Disgaea (5), and a little bit of XCom: Enemy Unknown, maybe some Advance Wars years ago. Got a little bit into each one, but it's intimidating.

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Every single time i try, the sheer amount of decisions to make, stats and details and environments and positions to take into account, possibilities of doing something wrong just… paralyze me. Hell, i've tried something like Mario+Rabbids, just to get me into "strategy" thinking, and i thought even that was a little intimidating. I dropped it a little while in because i just felt helpless. The extent of my "strategic" gaming is turn-based RPGs like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, and i struggle even with those – i think i mostly just grind and become overleveled instead of using my brain.

I can't really "think ahead" and can't really take everything into consideration because it's honestly just very overwhelming to me, most likely due to complete lack of practice. Can't even play chess, and i'm hella bad at checkers. Can't keep my mind on track to think through a decision and commit. I've never felt like the kind of person for that either, but i refuse to not broaden my horizons. There is an appeal to strategy games, dammit, and i can see it, otherwise i wouldn't keep wanting to try. I just don't "get" it yet.

Now: Where do i get this practice, when seemingly every turn based strategy game out there is already "too complex" for me?

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Is there something that really gets down to the very basics, that can teach me to be patient, think ahead, make good and strategic decisions on a base level (and, ideally, then builds on that?) Maybe something with a detailed and extensive tutorial?

Thanks! Sorry if this is very general, i hope there will still be some suggestions out there, haha.


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