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Xbox 360/Xbox One For you classic turn-based RPG fans out there, Lost Odyssey is a great game.

Content of the article: "Xbox 360/Xbox One For you classic turn-based RPG fans out there, Lost Odyssey is a great game."

Turn-based games are a dying breed, and they were my favorites growing up. The strategy of them makes them really fun, picking your team and learning skills and etc.

To me, Lost Odyssey is one of the last great turn turn-based RPGs.

The story is great, I loved the idea of the immortals and the freaking short stories were amazing. Some of them actually made me tear up a little! There were some nick-picky things about the story I didn't like. Some major plot points that moved the story along felt a little shallow and didn't really play out how I think it would have it a "real life" scenario, but nonetheless it was a great story and the added lore of their long lives made it interesting.

The combat is classic turn-based style, but with a couple of interesting twists. You have two types of players, mortal and immortal. As mortal characters level up they learn skills and magic. Immortal characters don't learn skills as they level, they have to learn it by "skill linking" to a mortal, and as you fight with them they will slowly learn the skills from their mortal teammates. This leads to quite a bit of customization, even though each character does have a "class" so you aren't really going to have a black mage wacking people with a staff.

You can also equip characters with "rings" that augment their standard attacks. Adding fire, water, magic killer, etc to your attacks. Pretty interesting take.

My only true gripe about it was pacing. I felt like 80% of the side quests were dumped on you on the last disc, so my story progression ground to a halt as soon as I made it to disc 4 because I wanted to explore. I kind of wished it was spaced out a bit better.

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I personally feel as though this game was what FF13 should have been.

Only bad thing is there was never a PC port or anything, it's exclusive to xbox 360 but it is backwards compat with xbox one, and I've heard the xbox one gets rid of the FPS issues you can have with a lot of enemies on screen (sometimes you can have like 10+ enemies at once!)

This is my first "write-up" so I'm sorry if my description is garbage lol


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